Global Co-Living Subscription for Nomads (pre-launch)

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Global co-living on a subscription basis. You pay one rent and can travel the world from one paradise to the next, optimized for nomads (super fast internet etc). This is something I've been looking for over the last three years. Amazing that finally someone is working on this. Can't wait to try it. In a sense this is about not having to worry about your location and work environment. Complete peace of mind. Pick one of the destinations, go there and everything is already set up for you. If you've done work & travel before you probably know how uncomfortable hotel chairs and desks are for coding and how a search for a good co working space or coffee shop can take up days. This is peace of mind as a service. If someone can make it happen, these guys can.
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@__tosh Caravan = काफिला / कारवां (meaning a tribe of people travelling together) & Serai = सराय (meaning a place for travellers to stay in older times).
Need a phonetic spelling of the name... my head just can't spit it out!
@JeremyZ123 Think of it as kind of gang sign.
Early 2016! Please take my money now.
@luizcent I wish! Thanks for signing up though.
This for sure great idea. I know for sure that there is demand for such a service. It came up several times in conversations with digital nomads in the last couple of years.
If anyone's interested in nomadic co-living before 2016, we're already up and running at Hacker Paradise :)
@caseyrosengren do you already have accommodation partners for Bali & Chiang Mai? Happy to connect you with the Livit gang and others in Ubud or Thailand.