Connect smartphone cameras to capture multiple angles

Caralel helps you create 'Camera networks' using which you can connect multiple smartphone cameras together to:-

- Launch all the cameras at the same time

- Capture from all the cameras at the same time, or in a specific timed sequence

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The main concept behind Caralel is to let friends connect their smart phone cameras together no matter where they are and simultaneously click photos at the same time. So they can - Capture Sunset pictures from different places simultaneously - Take pictures of their dining table from all angles - Take a group selfie with multiple cameras - Create a panorama, etc.
@sushant_randive This looks awesome!! I'll ask the obvious question: do you plan to offer the ability to network cameras across android & iOs? I own an iPhone and android device, not two of each.
@ghundermark Yes Greg. Pretty soon I would be launching the iOS version of the app on Apple App Store. So using that, Android and iOS devices would be able to network their cameras together
Really excited to try this out! Looks great ๐Ÿ™Œ
@lachlankirkwood Thank you! looking forward to hearing your reviews about it
<3 <3 <3
Cant wait to try it ! I have been wanting this for a while am glad someone built this.
@shamraizgul Its great to know that you have liked the concept so much! Looking forward to hear your reviews
@sushant_randive just thought about it, a great experience would be to just use nfc to connect. TAP AND GO !
@shamraizgul Spot on! I totally agree with you. I had initially gone down that path, but not all devices support NFC and that is why I reverted back to using QR Code scanning and invitation over social channels