Car Punk

A fun way to let people know they suck at parking

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Hopefully this will catch on more than my lame attempts at #instapark hash on IG lol
@dswiese ha let's make them both happen!
I used to leave cards from on cars parked in my college dorm parking lot. Cleaned that lot right up in a matter of days.
Love this idea. Would love if there was a way to tie the license plate to some kind of a public database so you can connect the dots between the car and the person who is being a jerk Maybe creating something like a social Klout score that would actually incentivize better behavior.
@noah_l thanks Noah! That's an interesting idea. I'm not sure if a database like that would be accessible. That would be great way to keep people accountable.
@parkerrbrown @noah_l there was a mobile called Drive Me Crazy which allowed you to tag bad drivers via their license plate number.
@takethisout Thanks Peter! Planning on integrating donations and adding more charities soon.
Spanish version ASAP!!!