Join the conversation with other people by pointing your camera at the world around you. Capture suggests group chats and topics that really matter to you, whether they are based on a shared interest, a common location or similar surroundings.
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Cool to see this live. I played with the beta and see how this might be a bridge toward a wearable social network in the future. Side note: A few of the folks on this team built Prisma, was one of the most popular apps on Product Hunt a few years ago, exceeding 6K upvotes.
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@rrhoover hey Ryan! Thanks! Always nice to hear from you :)
Hmm... ambitious! From the makers of Prisma, with some hefty investors: General Catalyst, KPCB, Mail.Ru, Social Capital, Dream Machine, Floodgate and elefund!
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Cool stuff! When are you going to launch on Android? Can't wait to try
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Thank you! Coming in Fall :)
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@enxxla Nice work! Just to mention that it's not clear in the website that the Android version is not ready.
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@ilichev +1 , waiting android.. also please specify on the website, or maybe anyway to help in the beta ✋
Absolutely love the idea behind community search with camera, it is really insightful and novel! Found my old iPhone just to test it, but still waiting for Android version Pros: - Chat- and channel- focused, a lot like Telegram - All chats are open, so I can stick reading through conversations between other users - Simple chat creation & invitation - Amazing GIFs Cons: - Camera discovery has to be improved, because I tried capturing a lot of things, but that didn't always work - Low number of people in chats leads to little value, as I'm too lazy to start a chat and invite new people to them. But I believe that will be fixed soon :) - No DM to connect with people I see in chats :( And there are no one in selfie chats Good luck with capturing the world, and keep up the great work!
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I really like the concept! The city should talk! It’s a must have to check what’s going on and join some folks! 🤸‍♂️
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