The Smartest Way To Grow Your Email List

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Hey guys, Co-founder - feel free to ask questions. We've got a lot of new stuff in the works (templates/rules/integrations) - but right now you can use Capture with 6 templates, there's 28 rules to play with + we sync with 16 email providers (connect one & you'll get 5000 lifetime credits for free).
@thegyppo awesome product! This looks like it might be just what I need.
@thegyppo Looks really nice! Will have to play around with it!
I have this installed on and it's awesome! I currently have it do an exit-intent popup when someone comes from either Reddit or Pinterest.
@jadlimcaco Just discovered Famous Outfits from you! I dig it! :)
@thegyppo any plans to integrate with Instapage?
@tysonquick Hey Tyson, no plans to integrate there, we're focused on email providers currently.
@thegyppo This looks great, any plans of integrating with SailThru?
@kar2905 Yes, we've got plans for this - we've got a bunch of Enterprise providers launching next month - ET, Silverpop & Marketo etc. If you have a Sailthru contact feel free to get in touch on Twitter :)
@thegyppo Yes I sure do. Can you dm me?