Get Live Captions and Translation in real-time for all audio played on your iPhone or iPad
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Hi, I'm a 13-year-old that makes iOS apps. I was sitting in the bus when I noticed that I had forgot my headphones but there was this one video somebody sent me that I wanted to watch. Then the idea came into my head: "What if I could make an app that transcribes the audio of the phone in real-time?" So that's what I did. Why does the app cost money? I have an old Mac Mini that can barely handle Xcode, the tool that is used to make iOS apps and I hope I can one day replace it with a newer one.
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@marcel1 The app looks awesome! What Speech to Text service are you using?
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@stijn_d3sign Thank you! I'm using Apple's Speech Recognition API as it's fast and integrated nicely in iOS. I would like to use Google's Cloud Speech to Text but sadly it's too expensive.
@marcel1 Great job, genius idea!
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@stijn_d3sign @marcel1 The app screenshots indicate that this uses Google's API. Did you change from Apple's to Google's?
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@marcel1 This is really great! I started making apps when I was 15 and I've been hooked ever since. Nice to see a young programmer making strides. I like how you're looping together ReplayKit and the Speech framework — VERY creative. I hope you're going to WWDC as a scholar. The atmosphere there is simply incredible, you'll be in heaven. I did it a few years ago as a college student and my experience was over the top. Please reach out if you ever want to talk iOS, swift or app design!
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@jakemor Really big thank you for your comment! Developing apps is fun and a way to express creativity I think. Sadly I can't apply for a WWDC scholarship until I'm 16 as this is the age requirement for people from Europe. I would absolutely love to go though. I'll be sure to talk to you if something comes up. Also, do you know how to save a video from ReplayKit's sample buffers? I've been trying but I can't get AVAssetWriter working.
@marcel1 @giridharvc7 make sure you give it a unique filename, I suggest using the current timestamp
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@giridharvc7 @jakemor I think I copied everything but the initialization is maybe wrong. I probably made a dumb mistake
@giridharvc7 @marcel1 what error are you getting?
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Great job! Keep it up :)
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@nickatloot Thanks! I‘ll try what I can
Heyy @marcel1, if you're interested, I can redesign your app for free ahaha (seriously)
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@williamhutech Hey, if you have an idea for a new design feel free to send it to me on Twitter ( ;)
@marcel1 Sure~ I’ll work on it after my final year exams 🤣
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Great work @marcel1 ! Good luck to you!
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@eulerr Thanks! I‘ll try my best