Automatically finds the best caption color & placement

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Hello, Product Hunters! CaptionMagic is a free iPhone app that automatically finds the best caption color & placement every time. You can even add the caption before taking the photo so it can show you the best color & placement in real-time to help you frame the photo. Works with all forms of color blindness. Add a caption then take a selfie, even share and most of all have fun playing around with it. Watch the video to see a full demo:
Sharing those special moments is easy with CaptionMagic and you'll notice how much better it looks when add the caption directly onto the photo with CaptionMagic before sharing it via Facebook, Instagram, etc... vs. just uploading a photo and adding a caption separately, for example:
What a delightful app! I don't have to worry about color or placement for my captions; and my pics always come out great. How does it handle color blindness?
@katherine_chen Thanks for the kind words. Here's an image showing how captions created with CaptionMagic appear to folks who have the major forms of color blindness. I've actually tested this app with 3+ color blindness simulators and learned a lot in the process:
@hamilton_hitchings that is very cool! I know color blindness is quite common actually
Hamilton has built some fantastic technology to make captioning photos easy!
@eric_nakagawa Thanks Eric! Coming from the founder of that means a lot to me.