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#2 Product of the DayApril 07, 2019
Instagram spacing issues were causing a lot of stress in my marriage when my wife took to her new career as a personal trainer – so I took to React Native to help out :)
Super simple spacing-fixer with character & hashtag counting.
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Wow, @foggstweets. I really appreciate how people put efforts for solving simple and tiny problems. It could be handy for a lot of people, Thanks!🙏 However, I'm a little concern about the use cases. What would happen if someone is using Later or Buffer kinda tools to schedule posts, get notifications on the phone and push the post on Instagram? You know lines get broken every time, right? How would this gonna be helpful in such cases?
@afshana_diya Totally get that! I think that is probably a different (but also potentially solvable) use-case. From what I remember those tools do a good job of fixing up spaces themselves so this may not be necessary? I'll look into it though :)
@foggstweets, not I all of them! So yeah, another tiny problem! 😀
Great product! Definitely something I can use to create more engaging content 👍
@lachlankirkwood Thank you! Appreciate the kind words :)
@anna_0x I think we were out there a bit before Instaspacer, but, enough space for two and I really like what they've done! Plus, they're on Android as well if I remember correctly.
@foggstweets you were? Sorry, I thought PH release = general release :P
AWESOME!!!!!! Just what I wanted
Finally! thank you so much