Caption Cat

We post the photo, you write the caption. Every day. 😹

Caption Cat is a creative challenge. Every day we post a photo and you get to write the caption. Come up with a funny caption and upvote your favorites. Start your day with a smile right meow!

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Hi all! I've had this idea for a few years and kept coming back. So a week ago, while sitting in bed, I challenged myself to build a prototype in 15 minutes. It worked! I got a very basic prototype working where people could sign up for an account (email/password) and post captions. I would manually add the photos in the database and hotlink them. No file uploads, no voting, no anti spam measures, no real design to speak of. Not even a dedicated domain name. I shared the prototype with some friends and the WIP community. Based on the feedback and user behavior I made some refinements and added some features. First of all people kept sending me their captions in the chat as they couldn't be bothered to create an account. So I added Twitter and Facebook sign in. I also added upvotes to have non-funny and spammy captions automatically move down the list + give more of a game element to it. Initially there were both upvotes and downvotes, but people kept downvoting each other so I removed those. I also added a "hall of fame" leaderboard to see where you rank amongst the community. How funny actually are you? Finally I improved the design. Added some character by adding a bunch of cat illustrations I licenses from Creative Market. I don't have concrete future plans for it yet. We'll see if people like it. If there's enough interest I'll build out the site and eventually look into monetizing it. Here's a silly idea I had: Curious to hear what you think! Please give it a try.
@marckohlbrugge Nice idea Mark. This could be paid service for people whos caption get chosen. Marketers, entrepreneurs can pay for captions on their Instagram posts, etc.
@stefan_smiljkovic Thanks. Yeah that might be an interesting area to explore if there are enough talented users participating. Let's hope so :)

I started making captions for this site since its birth, it requires reflection and creativity. It's not only funny but it's also relaxing. I like seeing something in the world and giving it an unexpected meaning.


Funny captions and a great photo every day.



Just took a look... people are coming up with some pretty random captions 👀 like... I think I'm laughing at them not with them @marckohlbrugge
@marckohlbrugge That said, your gif thumbnail perfectly describes my reaction 😄
@abadesi Haha yeah not everybody shares the same taste in humor. Plus there are a bunch of inside jokes, because many of the beta testers came from the same group chat (WIP). My hope is that by publicly launching Caption Cat it will attract a more diverse set of users and with the voting system in place the funniest captions will automatically surface towards the top.
@marckohlbrugge Ah I see. Makes sense
Love the product thumbnail, @marckohlbrugge. 😸
@rrhoover Thanks. Didn't make it myself. Got it from an artist at Creative Market. I would credit the person here, but last time I did that I saw the same illustrations pop up everywhere the next day 😂
funny idea!