Capticast SVT by neo 360

Touchscreen video control technology 🖥👈

Capticast SVT by neo 360 allows security and law enforcement teams to view, annotate, and control the speed, direction, and frame of video on large format displays with just a swipe or tap. Once a target is recognized, internal team members can share that video to external team members who also have the ability to fully control the video.

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James Dory@haitianwatcher
I asked this question within the app after downloading it to test it. Does this application simply provide you with the ability to view and manipulate videos that have already been provided in the app only? Is the user who download this application able to import videos from other sources; e.g. another app or built in Apple videos, and be able to utilize the features you are advertising? Your landing page does not explain that when it should. Please advise. Thank you.
David BorishMaker@davidborish · Co-founder of @neo360 & @Capticast
@haitianwatcher The purpose of the app is to demonstrate the technology for enterprise customers, we do not yet support uploading videos, but will be releasing that product in the near future.
James Dory@haitianwatcher
The loading of the videos also are extremely SLOW.
David BorishMaker@davidborish · Co-founder of @neo360 & @Capticast
@haitianwatcher Yes, that goes back to it being a demo version and not a full CMS.
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊 Does it shipping to India ?
David BorishMaker@davidborish · Co-founder of @neo360 & @Capticast
@ayush_chandra We are not currently set up to sell into India, but are open to the opportunity.