Captain Growth for Facebook Ads

AI that finds bottlenecks and growth points in FB marketing

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 26, 2018

Captain Growth is AI-powered service that automates marketing analytics, finds bottlenecks and growthpoints in your data.

No charts, no tables, no wasted time anymore. Get only essential insights from your data automatically, which helps you to run ad campaigns, make decisions and develop a better business.

For Facebook marketers exclusively.

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Hey Product Hunt, Thank you, @kwdinc, for hunting us. I was running advertising agency business for almost 5 years. Facebook marketing was one of our primary services, and during all this time our team was struggling to make ad campaigns on Facebook better. Improvement is impossible without high-quality analytics and here is the problem. Analytics is always painful because we face: Lack of knowledge in math and statistics to make deep analysis Not enough time for analytics Complicated interfaces that make analytics even more time consuming Everyone faced these problems. I’m sure that almost every marketer can confess that analytics in his projects could be conducted much better. Without analytics you miss growthpoints in marketing, don’t find bottlenecks to fix in your campaigns and, in result, lose money. One of our clients has wasted more than $20,000 on Facebook in a week because of bad analytics. Before we focused on data, our agency had lost a lot of dollars in ad campaigns as well. That’s why we decided to develop the product that is able to make the best analytics you have ever seen for all of you. Meet Captain Growth! Captain Growth is AI-powered service that automates marketing analytics and finds deep insight from your data. With Captain Growth, you can apply advanced data science technologies to your marketing just in five clicks. No charts, no tables, no wasted time anymore. You get only essential insights. Each insight is an opportunity to grow marketing, hidden in your data. Either a problem to fix or a good trend to leverage. For our customers, we generate around 100 insights daily on average. Using them, you can make right decisions, act faster and grow. Today we release the first version of Captain Growth with an integration with Facebook ads. Nowadays, however, marketing is multichannel, and our next task is to connect as many data sources as we can to provide you with the most comprehensive analytics. The nearest update will include a connection to Adwords and Google Analytics. So, stay tuned! I hope you will find our product useful and Captain will help run your business smoothly. P.S. 50% lifetime discount for all hunters!
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@kwdinc @dmytro_bilash Hi Dmytro, great product! how do we get the 50% discount? Also where can i contact you?
@kwdinc @memanharsidhu hey! All customers who signed-up via PH link have 50% discount. If you signed up with another link, just let me know your customer e-mail inside Captain and I will make a discount for you. Please, contact me via e-mail

Would be interesting to see Wickedreports or Kissmetrics integration in the future, so analysis includes LTV and real sales data from CRM and other stuff that GA and FB skip.


Allows to see insights that are usually overlooked by traffic managers


High barrier of entry price-wise, however it's ok for large clients

Captain is something new in marketing technologies. It's absolutely new type of solutions and game-changing soft. I'm sure that in 1-2 years we'll leave analytics to machines totally.


Applied Artificial Intelligence. I can use machine learning for real business needs.


Any, I like it. Captain is handsome)))

Loved your visuals and good luck with the launch!
@lisadziuba thank you, Lisa. We love Captain too)))
Guys, you product is impressive. In my work we organize different events and use FB and Adwords for advertising. Do you plan to integrate Adwords?
@svetlana_leschenko thank you for your comment! Yes, sure. The thing is that our algorithm is uniform. Captain is able to extract insights from any type of marketing data (and not only). The one thing we need to do is a connector for Google Adwords API. This update will be made in 2-3 weeks. I will inform you as soon as adwords is ready.
@dmytro_bilash +1 on AdWords, looking forward to testing it out
@fosterhank We are testing this integration right now. I'll inform you as soon as it's ready