Captain Growth 2.0

Analytics, decision-making, execution for ads by AI

Captain Growth is the AI to rule your ads.

It allows to optimize or scale ads in Facebook and Adwords in a few clicks with AI-driven suggestions and automations.

Analytics. Decision making. Execution. All done by AI.

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38 Reviews4.7/5
Hey, hunters! I am happy to present Captain Growth 2.0, AI to rule your ads. Actually, this is our second PH launch. We were hunted in March and became TOP3 of the day with the first version of the product. Today we are presenting a completely new platform! What we have done since March? - Helped more than 1700 companies optimize their marketing - Got 300+ paying clients and helped them to earn millions $$$ in additional revenue - Reworked the product completely Yeah, you got it right. We made a completely new version of Captain Growth. How does Captain work now? 1) It still finds insight in your data 2) Based on these insights, it makes suggestions what actions should be taken to either earn more money or save budget 3) You can accept or reject every suggestion. Accepted recommendations will be applied automatically to your ads. Analytics. Decision making. Execution. All done by AI. No manual job at all. You just say ‘yes’ to the best actions and they are done. Sounds like magic, isn’t it? Meanwhile, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. So it’s time to try advance martech ;) If you have an account in Captain Growth and your trial expired, please, make a new account to get Captain Growth 2.0. You will have 14 new trial days. Also, we made a special discount for hunters! 50% lifetime discount for all plans! The code is: CaptainGrowth2_Hunt You should write it while checking out. The code expires on November 3, UTC time. Don’t lose your chance ;) Insights are available for Facebook and Adwords. Automations are integrated only to Facebook now and we are working hard to launch them for Adwords as soon as possible.
@dmytro_bilash This product looks so good. Congratulations for the launch 😃 Few thoughts if you do outbound sales : a) Target recently funded start-ups. They are going to spend money on ads and it will make sense to use a product which can help them optimise their ads. b) Target companies who are hiring for Google Adwords, Social Media manager because if a company is hiring for these roles, it means it is willing to spend money on ads that is why hiring for that role. c) Target companies who are already spending or once spent money on Ads. Would be happy to know your thoughts 😄
@shreyaa_ratra Thank you so much for the feedback. Yeah, all companies that you mentioned can benefit from our product. We are trying to reach them.
@dmytro_bilash From where are you sourcing the information ?
@shreyaa_ratra We mostly work with communities now to reach right people
Hey everyone! It's amazing to be on Product Hunt once again. Since March we have done massive work to rework the whole product. Now Captain Growth can do so much more, that you're going to be impressed 😉 We are now excited to get your feedback and help you grow your revenues from Facebook and Google Ads. 🚀 Give our AI a try and I will personally help you if you have any questions!

I have been using Captain Growth 2.0 for a few months and it has been maturing everyday. It's a good platform for someone to begin with but it will take some time until it's fully matured.

Overall, I will recommend Captain Growth :)


The v2.0 is very good


Still very young and needs more maturity

Thanks for the honest and truthful review. We are working every day to make Captain smarter.
It is new way one should run ads, we had been using this application since few months, It is awesome. Dmytro & his team is very passionate about their work, we have seen growing fast in last few months. We would highly recommend the services by CaptainGrowth
@amit_jain5 Thank you so much! Your review makes me really happy ;)

Using CG for a year for ecommerce in ukraine.

Small business in category of fashion.

CG provide really interesting insights for campaign optimisation that helps to save money and to communicate with high responce audience.

Seems perfecr for young business.

Highly recommended!


Really helpful


too interesting to stop scrolling the feed :)