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Quick, easy, and safe bookings for outdoor sports.

Captain makes booking an outdoor sports trip quick, easy, and safe. Instead of calling guides one-by-one, you can search Captain for your ideal trip, read our 100% verified reviews, and book with one of our licensed and insured guides at no extra charge.
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A few months ago, I tried to book a fishing trip with my team from work. After googling charter fishing captains, browsing outdated fishing websites, calling them one by one, I thought there had to be a better way. When I met with guides, they told me they desperately needed a site like Captain to help market and manage their trips, so we went back to Austin to build a site with the features they need. We launched in June and have already partnered with over 70 guides offering 160+ trip listings. We were also fortunate enough to be accepted into MassChallenge Texas. We’re focused on fishing in Texas for now, but we plan to expand across multiple sports and geographies soon. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a trip in an area or sport we don’t cover, reach out and we’ll work to find the right trip for you, at no extra charge. Thanks a lot and please comment below with any feedback, Jonathan
Any hunters can use the code "tristan" for 10% off their next trip with Captain. Thanks for hunting us, @pollock!
@jonathan_newar1 thanks Jon! I love the name and I'm excited to get more people out there experiencing the world and all its wonders!
Fantastic and easy to use can’t wait to book trip for my hubby who loves to fish. On boat right now. Caught I small albacore, need some professional help. 😉
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Kayaking / Rafting
Scuba Diving / Snorkeling
Helicopter Tours
Backcountry Skiing
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