Streamline family logistics with this SMS bot from Yahoo!

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What, Yahoo! is still developing products? Also, how retro are these command-line style commands?? Remind [person] of [task] on [date] at [time] Remind me to [task] on [date] at [time] Show reminders Show reminders for [person/time] Show list Add item [name] Remove item [exact name] Remove item [number] Add member [name]
@chrismessina At this point, "please" and "thank you" better be part of those commands!
@chrismessina it may be easier for yahoo to just build a site that collects passwords instead of a whole app
@chrismessina What is not considered retro? I need to be educated, thats all
@mirmayne I mean, why wasn't this built for Yahoo Messenger? Or even Facebook Messenger? Building this over SMS, while yes, it's ubiquitous, feels like it's behind the times or at least anachronistic without support for richer messaging platforms.
This seems odd for Yahoo to be building an SMS-based to-do. Seems very niche and less usable than other solutions, but I might be missing some key insight. Added to my invisible apps collection.
@rrhoover Yahoo chatbot:"You have 1,289,234,123 unread emails in your yahoo mail account."
I *love* this. I prefer SMS to apps.
@zefareu really? How do you feel about memorizing commands? I mean, this is basically what Remember the Milk did in like... 2006.
I can see the appeal of SMS with kids. But probably not enough to use this.
I am actually using this from past few days at home to maintain common grocery list. This is sweet and works well so far. 😃 I would'nt want to install another app to get some simple thing done. I was actually searching/thinking of making a web app to get this done but this SMS bot does it better. It is unusual to see big companies working on niche products like this but I am glad they did.