A Docker menu bar app for Mac

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Hi all! It's actually my first time shipping a complete app as a sideproject. I made Captain, while trying to scratch my own itch. It's a small Mac menu bar app that shows the Docker containers running on your machine so you can start/stop them with a simple click. ✨ Please check it out, and let me know what you think about the app, the website, design, anything. 🙏 P.S. special thanks to my friend @gielcobben who helped me ship Captain.
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@rygu @gielcobben Tweeted at you guys yesterday... It just says "Docker not available" and there's no indication as to the issue. I have docker running (Kitematic as well), and 5 containers. Any ideas?
@jadojodo Hi Jordan. Can you see if there's a `docker` binary at `/usr/local/bin/` ? I'm working on a fix for Homebrew installations of the docker binary.
@rygu There is indeed. I do have it installed via Homebrew, so I suspect that's the issue. Perhaps pop a note on a FAQ page on the site?
This is pretty cool. One of the things I wish Docker had was a GUI or terminal UI in addition to its CLI. I really like that Captain helps with discoverability -- I found a couple containers I didn't know I had running.
@ji Definitely. More CLI should get GUI wrappers
@ji "One of the things I wish Docker had was a GUI" – but what about Kitematic?
Looks pretty sweet, does it work with docker-machine?
@devankoshal Thanks! Captain should work with the latest Docker for Mac stable.
Awesome tool! I'm going to share it inside our company.
@0x1ad2 Thanks Dennis!
This is really great!
@brentpep Thanks Brent!