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Ced@cedfunches · Founder at Schooold
This is pretty slick. Wonder what the pricing/terms are?
Daria Nepriakhina
Daria Nepriakhina@epicantus · &
@CedFunches It's free to use. Great tool!
Ced@cedfunches · Founder at Schooold
Hany Rashwan
Hany Rashwan@hany · CEO, Ribbon
This is fantastic and very much needed. I thought about building a small solution for my personal needs many many times.
Jens Nylander
Jens Nylander@nylanderjens · CEO, Automile
Can't remember how many times we have been searching for the lastest version of the captable that we stored in Excel somewhere, gr8 now we have a solution for it.
R.A. Kilcoyne
R.A. Kilcoyne@rkilcoyne · VP Solutions, CloudBolt Software
Looks very useful -- just read this last night on medium:
Marcus Gosling
Marcus Gosling@marceire · VP Product, Long-Term Stock Exchange
Hey all, we are continuing to refine and expand Check back often.