Digital boards for organizing and sharing photos

Capsure helps you organize and backup your photos and videos to share privately with family and friends.

● Create digital boards to share with family and friends

● Capture family history by inviting your relatives to contribute

● Post everyday moments to stay connected

● Boards can be for events, places, people or hobbies

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Nick Abouzeid
Marketing @ MainStreet
Hey Mark and Jeanne! What makes this better than other photo album softwares out there? I've had great experiences with Google Photos, so curious to see what Capsure improves.
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Jeanne Lewis
CEO, Capsure
@nickabouzeid Hi Nick! The main difference is the ability to record audio over photos, leave audio and text comments and create multiple image/video posts. We are also a privacy-focused, ad-free platform, so we don’t sell or share your personal data. Our business model is storage, so we back up all of your content and make it easy to download files whenever you need them. We save you time by helping you organize media on different boards and easily control who sees what. A board is a private space to share, collaborate and interact with specific people in private. By inviting others to join a board, you’re essentially creating a shared media library of your moments. Plus search is super easy by typing keywords that scan text across all boards in the app. Ultimately what we’re after is more control of our personal media and making it easy to interact and engage with our memories without sacrificing our privacy. Plus, Capsure will donate a percentage of profits in support of the Alzheimers Association so that more memories can be preserved in the future.
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Tina MulqueenCEO of Kindred

I love Capsure's audio feature - it enables such a rich connection to a moment that I didn't know was missing from previous photo apps. I can't wait to hear my kids as they evolve on these digital boards.


Intuitive design; privacy-focused. Safe to store photos of kids. Organizes/saves important moments without adding clutter to my house.


It's definitely a more intimate place to share, so not necessarily for those looking for a broadcast tool or place to build a following.