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As a solution to fast fashion, we built a site that generates a simple wardrobe by focusing on your personal preferences and the activities in your life. Users check-off the items you own, and only buy what you need. So you can clear out the clutter and get on with what really matters in life. See we believe that sometimes we buy clothes just because they're cheap or new. Over time, this creates clutter in our homes, hearts and minds. At Capsules, we want to make lives better and we believe we can do that by helping you own less while loving it more. Right now, we've created for men and just launched for women. Would love to hear your thoughts on Capsules!
@bypostgrad Great team + product... I've used early iterations of their product to shed old clothes in my closet, and dress a lot better in the process. They care a lot about helping you look good without spending exorbitantly on clothes.
@bypostgrad Hi! I really wanted to try thiss app, but I don't want to leave card details for a free 30-day trial period. It would be great if the trial version would not need to enter the card details. But I saw the demo video on the website and I love this beautiful stylish design!
Concept sounds great, but not sure what I am getting after I sign up and pay and certainly don't want to deal with getting my money back if I don't like the suggestions no matter how easy you promise it is. The details may be there in the site, but I think you need to account for folks like me that aren't likely to pay until I get at least a taste of what you recommend. It is also not clear how you reduce my clutter and save me money. I don't buy clothes until I need them and I stick to a pretty standard outfit. I am most likely not your target market, because I don't put in the effort that often, so even though $7 per month sounds cheap, it really isn't, especially if you are making money off what you recommend too, but not sure about that. Concept sounds good and I am confident you've found a market that has the need, but I am likely not the one.
Interesting concept :-)
Fantastic concept - would sign up in a heartbeat but for the fact that your seasons won't match mine being down under! Please makes Southern Hemisphere service! I love it!
@helencrozier Hey Helen, thanks so much! You can actually create your capsule based on the season that you're in, we help walk you through the process but don't pre-determine your season since we have people from all over. So join away. :) On the men's side, you have the ability to purchase the season your in. Thanks!
@helencrozier Don't let that stop you! I've been using the service for several months now and it's great. You can change the wardrobe seasons manually I believe, so you can use it wherever you wish.
Where ideology and shopping meet! Love this. Well done.