Group, save and send links as one

Capsulelink is a simple web application that lets you add multiple links and send or save them as one.

Also, there are private links for registered users.

Private links are only visible to the user who created them.

Links created by anonymous users (users who are not logged in) expire after 48h, while the links of registered users don't expire.

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Hello hunters, I spent the last two months or so building this project and delaying the publish, but I finally launched it. The description of this product says it all, you just need to try it out and see if this is something that is helpful to you. I would love to hear your opinions and suggestions on this, and what I could improve.
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@ognjengt Hi congrats on the launch! looks good so far! can't imagine that I would use this a lot but from time to time it might be a an interesting solution. Have you considered giving the option to customize the background or some sort of customization? similar to what wetransfer does for premium users
@ferminrp Hello, I didn't consider profile customization yet, I don't think it's that necessary for this type of application. Right now I'm considering on creating a chrome extension, to allow users to add links even easier, search option, and maybe even upvoting links that will show up on the trending links page. But thank you for your suggestion, will definitely look into it when I start working on the premium plan in the future.
@ognjengt It would be great as a Browser extension.
@i_shank I'm starting to work on it asap.
Great job!! How is it different to others in the market ?
@ayush_chandra Thank you. Well, I would say that the difference from other applications of this type on the market is that capsulelink has a single responsibility principle. It just helps users send and save multiple links as one. It is not confusing, and the users can add the links easy and fast. As I said, I am working on improving this application by adding a chrome extension, that way the adding process would be a lot faster.
Looks good. But just a suggestion. Have interesting links on your homepage that people will really want to check out and with that experience using your product. For example instead of the Lorem Ipsum, have links to fun articles around the just concluded Oscars, Best tools for HR or Customer service. Give it some vibe that's what I mean. Your links on the home page and their titles are just blahhhh.
@illohifeoma I'm with you on this one! For now, the homepage shows the recent links people posted, I'm looking into creating a voting functionality, and then making the trending links appear on the homepage.
I just deployed a new feature: Upvoting links and trending links on homepage. Check it out.