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Hey everyone,
This is Capsule the app that helps you remember everywhere. Capsule is an AI powered iOS app that helps track your movements through the city and connects the photos you take to the places you've been. Check Capsule for the name of that dive bar you hit last Friday night, or to find photos you took at the basketball game on the weekend. The app also keeps a weekly digest quantifying your week looking at metrics like the average time you leave the office to the number of places you visited in the evening.

Cem Kozinoglu — CEO/Founder @SlashKeyboard
@colaskirschoff hey Colas, this looks awesome. Love what you guys are doing with Snips as well! Quick question, will Capsule be running in background and that will add up to my weekly digest? Or I have to take pictures of whatever I am up to for Capsule to aggregate data?
@cemkozinoglu Thx for the kind words :) No need to take pictures every now and then, the moments will be recorded even if you do not open the app every day. Yes the app will run in the background but has amazingly low battery footprint. Note that the more you help the app know which places you were at, the more your weekly digest will be relevant.
saarim zaman — associate pm at katapult @betaworks
@colaskirschoff is this just like swarm minus social?
@poolnoodle93 You're not the first person to make this comparison, @rrhoover also compared our product to Swarm but there are a couple major differentiators:

- We don't record or see any user data, Capsule is Private by Design
- We use your knowledge graph (contacts, email, calendar) to bring more clarity to your location and enhance results
- We use passive tracking: we do not require the user to say that he stopped somewhere at some point.
- We also show a weekly digest for the quantified self/bullet journal fans out there!

We would love for you to check it out and hear what you think!
Stephen Callender — Co-Founder, Videotape
@colaskirschoff Very cool! But oy, that's a lot of App Store competition for 'capsule.' Isn't that annoying? Anyway, I just got it and am looking forward to seeing it after a week's worth of activity!
Stephen Callender — Co-Founder, Videotape
@colaskirschoff Found a typo. The empty screen used under Weekly Digest: It says, "Their isn't enough data to build your weekend digest." Their should be There. :-)
Hadi Farnoud — CEO of Kamva
@colaskirschoff where is the AI part? people tend to call everything AI these days
@hadifarnoud the model that is responsible for associating places to stops uses machine learning. It learnt not too associate too much at the beginning and will improve itself the more you edit the places
@sbcallender my bad, will update the wording, thx for noticing ! As for the competition, again we have major differences that we aim to leverage ;)
Bo Wang — Researcher, AI, NLP
@colaskirschoff Android app pls?
@bluemonk482 this is our first shot, only iOS for now, but if people like it why not !
Stephen Callender — Co-Founder, Videotape
@colaskirschoff Sure! I'm sorry, I didn't mean that type of competition. I meant that the name "Capsule" is used quite a bit. As far as I know, your concept is rather unique. Just named some of my locations and set my home and work places this morning. :-)
Brett Goldstein — Corp Dev, Google
@colaskirschoff what is the song in the background of the video?? so cool
@thatguybg Henri Texier - Les "Là-bas":
Nick Braver — Product Designer
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Google Maps Timeline. I already have my entire history there starting fro 2012 - and its more accurate with locations and attaching photos from Google Photos to my locations. It even gives me trip history and allows me to download/delete all of my data at any point.

@colaskirschoff How is your team looking to make Capsule different?
@nbraver One major difference is the Privacy by Design. Everything runs on device.

Also we want to go further than just showing where you go every day, in particular we started implementing what we call a weekly digest, and there is more to come.

If privacy is not an issue for you, true that Google Maps Timeline on Android is very accurate. It's less true on the iPhone though :)
Nick Braver — Product Designer
@colaskirschoff I have an iPhone and can confirm that the accuracy is not as great as on Android. Also, Google Maps Timeline does not have an app for iOS. So you have the upper hand there, and because of that I will be using Capsule.

I'll post an update later with my thoughts after using Capsule for a while. Great looking application, wish you the best of luck :)
@nbraver Great ! Happy to answer your feedback anytime soon :)
Florian De Sa — Product Owner
Good job! simple & efficient design. Just tried it a bit, but seems a good way to remember great moments alcohol is trying to make me forget. Just a question where are the servers where my data is stored ?
Hey there @flo2sa, thanks for asking! The creators of Capsule put privacy before everything else. The app is Private by Design which means than none of your user data ever leaves your device. You data is yours and yours alone, nothing reaches a server and all your secrets stay in your phone!
Stephen Robinson —
@colas_kirschoff @flo2sa What happens when we get a new phone?
@xstex @flo2sa As long as you back up your data, you should be able to get everything back on the new phone, the same way you get your texts, photos, music back. Back up old phone, get a new phone, you'll restore a backed-up info, continue filling your Capsule. :)
James Koole — Product Manager,
@colaskirschoff How does the "back up your data" part work? I'm guessing you mean do an iOS backup and restore onto the new phone? I assume deleting the app deletes the data. Perhaps iCloud would be an option for secure data storage.
@jameskoole you’re totally right. IOS backup and restore on a new phone. If you’re not backed up, then deleting the app deletes the data. Exactly. As far as iCloud goes, part of really sticking up for privacy by design (something that REALLY MATTERS to us!) is creating projects that do not require iCloud storage. So, if you do not connect iCloud (like me) and rather back up to your laptop, nothing goes to the cloud. PBD! (privacy by design)
Maxim Price — Co-Founder and CEO, ideaphore
@colas_kirschoff @flo2sa Glad you addressed this, now I very much want the app.
Johnny Quach — Director of Product @ Rocket Internet
@colas_kirschoff @flo2sa so does that mean the data bloats the app size?
@maxim_price @ @flo2sa Great ! Happy to hear some feedback at some point :)
@johnnyquachy We manage the growth of data in a unique way that won't slow down performance or bloat the app, no need to worry!
Gio Logist — Engineer
@colaskirschoff @jameskoole I wouldn't mind possibly seeing an export feature? Maybe generating a csv? Not sure how that'd work on iOS without touching a server, but I can see some value in being able to export / import accounts. Device switching without restoring an entire backup being one of 'em.

Great job btw guys!
@giologist @jameskoole Generating a csv that will allow you to explore your data is not an issue. Doing it the other way around is a bit more complex, but it's worth investigating it. Thx for the feedback !
David Senate — Head of Projects and Developments Center
@colaskirschoff @giologist @jameskoole why not creating an import feature as well and with the export/import features newly added you can propose backup/restore feature directly in the app.
Gio Logist — Engineer
@david_senate @colaskirschoff @jameskoole Bingo!

Just had another idea as well, for exporting / possibly... converting a day into a video? Idk let me try and think aloud for a sec. So right now what I'm do with SnapChat is using the stories to create almost a "diary" for my day. Sure, it's cool that people can see it / not even necessary / relevant for them at times. I just like the idea of saving that day's story and being able to reflect on it at some point. I can actually see Capsule providing this same value and in an even better way. Am I making any sense or rambling as always?
@giologist @david_senate @colaskirschoff @jameskoole Hey man! we are actually working on generating a content with all that data clustered that you can look back at or share. It will be motion (we want to explore the possibilities of live photos) but not limited only to a day, we want to see a week or a year... What about your year in 365 seconds?
David Senate — Head of Projects and Developments Center
@quentin_zibra @giologist @colaskirschoff @jameskoole, sounds great to me: I like the idea of motion (movie, gif or Live Photos). Do you consider offer the possibility to share your knowledge graph with your friends if they are in bluetooth proximity ? Sort of social dimension only if they are at home (the could add notes to your events by example)
@david_senate @giologist @colaskirschoff @jameskoole Yes we would like to give the possibility to share moments of your timeline in real-time when friends are in the same place. Giving as well the opportunity to share/edit privately the pics and data collected by the people who share this moment. But as you might guess our backlog is huge we now need to prioritize it :) Thanks again!
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