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Hey everyone, This is Capsule the app that helps you remember everywhere. Capsule is an AI powered iOS app that helps track your movements through the city and connects the photos you take to the places you've been. Check Capsule for the name of that dive bar you hit last Friday night, or to find photos you took at the basketball game on the weekend. The app also keeps a weekly digest quantifying your week looking at metrics like the average time you leave the office to the number of places you visited in the evening.
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@colaskirschoff hey Colas, this looks awesome. Love what you guys are doing with Snips as well! Quick question, will Capsule be running in background and that will add up to my weekly digest? Or I have to take pictures of whatever I am up to for Capsule to aggregate data?
@cemkozinoglu Thx for the kind words :) No need to take pictures every now and then, the moments will be recorded even if you do not open the app every day. Yes the app will run in the background but has amazingly low battery footprint. Note that the more you help the app know which places you were at, the more your weekly digest will be relevant.
@colaskirschoff is this just like swarm minus social?
@poolnoodle93 You're not the first person to make this comparison, @rrhoover also compared our product to Swarm but there are a couple major differentiators: - We don't record or see any user data, Capsule is Private by Design - We use your knowledge graph (contacts, email, calendar) to bring more clarity to your location and enhance results - We use passive tracking: we do not require the user to say that he stopped somewhere at some point. - We also show a weekly digest for the quantified self/bullet journal fans out there! We would love for you to check it out and hear what you think!
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@colaskirschoff Very cool! But oy, that's a lot of App Store competition for 'capsule.' Isn't that annoying? Anyway, I just got it and am looking forward to seeing it after a week's worth of activity!
Good job! simple & efficient design. Just tried it a bit, but seems a good way to remember great moments alcohol is trying to make me forget. Just a question where are the servers where my data is stored ?
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Hey there @flo2sa, thanks for asking! The creators of Capsule put privacy before everything else. The app is Private by Design which means than none of your user data ever leaves your device. You data is yours and yours alone, nothing reaches a server and all your secrets stay in your phone! 🍋
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@colas_kirschoff @flo2sa What happens when we get a new phone?
@xstex @flo2sa As long as you back up your data, you should be able to get everything back on the new phone, the same way you get your texts, photos, music back. Back up old phone, get a new phone, you'll restore a backed-up info, continue filling your Capsule. :)
@colaskirschoff How does the "back up your data" part work? I'm guessing you mean do an iOS backup and restore onto the new phone? I assume deleting the app deletes the data. Perhaps iCloud would be an option for secure data storage.
@jameskoole you’re totally right. IOS backup and restore on a new phone. If you’re not backed up, then deleting the app deletes the data. Exactly. As far as iCloud goes, part of really sticking up for privacy by design (something that REALLY MATTERS to us!) is creating projects that do not require iCloud storage. So, if you do not connect iCloud (like me) and rather back up to your laptop, nothing goes to the cloud. PBD! (privacy by design)
Looks cool, going to give it a go. I currently use https://www.polarsteps.com and its incredible. It tracks movements without actually using data so its perfect for travelling and recommended it to everyone I met when I was in Asia a few weeks ago. This looks like a more "local" version of Polar Steps
hey @colaskirschoff cool concept! Software looks really nice, and I dig the name. I also just recently started exploring Esplorio which does the same thing. One thing I noticed there, and with your app as well, is the erroneous business names that are assigned whenever the app thinks you're near something. For example, around my home apparently there is a chiropractor listed nearby and it says I'm there taking pictures a lot. I see you do have the "Home" setting which I assume would fix those, but the same thing happens when I'm out and about. For example, I took a picture with my wife a few weeks ago down in Maryland at a friends house, and Capsule said we were at "Rou Marketing" - I know this is a difficult solution to fix, but do you have any plans to address that? It kind of takes the magic away, and makes the process feel more manual to have to fix things.
@scawtent Happy that you like the concept ! About the fact that we associate Points of Interests to your locations, it’s true that it’s not always easy to do that. However there is a workaround to that: you can edit the places associated to your moments. And the more you do that, the more the app will learn from your behaviours and get the correct place. Also we’re crossing more and more sources, such as your address book, your calendar events, your pasteboard, reservations, et… to find hints that would help us find the right place.
Really cool. I've been wanting Moves to add this type of advanced functionality for a while! Excited to give this a try :)
@dfinzer Happy to here some feedback from a Moves user :)
@colaskirschoff Liking it so far! Some initial feedback: - Would love to see a visualization of where I've been on a map for a given time interval (daily, weekly, etc.), with lots of different knobs to play with. For example, I want to be able to say: show me all the restaurants I went to in SF in the last two weeks on a map. Would be very awesome if you built a robust query engine around that. I used move-a-scopes Move plugin for this in the past but it is very limited and accessing it is high friction. - Small thing but would like to be able to change from military time to AM / PM - Really like the stats on how much time you spend at work Keep up the good work!
@dfinzer thanks for your feedback ! Happy that you like the stats, and I'll see what we can do about this AM/PM thing :) As for the map viz, I like the idea ! Also we used to have a first version of a search engine, we'll see if we can push a version of it soon :) Thx man, happy to hear back from you soon !