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Capsule brings communities together to create, share and explore original videos. With just a phone or webcam, people can record video responses to your topics and questions to create narrative-driven content.
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Demo Capsule: Contribute to the Product Hunt Capsule: Yo Product Hunt! Meet Capsule. • Bring communities together to share original stories. • Get people talking about your own topics and questions. • Theme your Capsule with custom images, colors, and music. • Capsule automatically edits your videos so they professional. • Learn more about our auto-editing platform @ Our video platform is used by thousands of brands to create fast, professional content at events and live experiences. When live events were cancelled, our customers asked how they could create branded, narrative-driven content with their communities stuck at home. We spent 30 days and sleepless nights remixing pieces of our tech to make Capsule! It's perfect for: - UGC campaigns - Product feedback / reviews - Occasions like graduations, birthdays, weddings - Community-based storytelling - Distributed content creation - Livestream audience engagement - Virtual conferences As part of the launch, we're actively looking to give access to non-profits and others who need their stories heard now. Please reach out to
This is really interesting. Will explore more deeply later.
@rrhoover 👍🏽thank you – would love thoughts/feedback.
Hey ?makers, This looks really interesting. Do you have a direct link to a page on this could link too?
@calum Hey! We're hustling quickly on marketing materials, but at the moment just have the PDF. I'll update the listing once we have it.
@champ_bennett Actually, if you'd like, when you have the the details for Capsule, ready, let me know and we can work on a new post. This post wasn't featured because it didn't link to a product, but I'd be happy to help you set up a new post once you're ready!
@calum we're live! See more @ - Let me know we should proceed with new post.
@champ_bennett Hey! Sorry for the delay, you should be good to go and post again!
@champ_bennett Hey! Sorry, I don't think I follow, add it to your post?