Capsicum by Illuminated Bits

Plan your day. Track your habits. Tell your story.

Capsicum is a robust and feature-rich daily-planning app. It’s designed to help you plan your day, track your habits and tell your story. We aren’t trying to disrupt paper-based planners. We love them. But much like cameras, the best planner is often the one you have with you.

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4 Reviews5.0/5
So excited that Capsicum is finally here! @ishabazz and I both love beautiful planners and iOS apps, so about three years ago we started this project to build beautiful planners for iOS. In Capsicum you can choose your notebook covers, heading styles, decorative tapes and so much more. I have plans to add even more covers and tapes over time. Inside a notebook, you can add tasks, events, and notes on the Planning tab, add and mark off habits on the Habit Tracking tab, and keep lists and notes not attached to a particular day on the Loose Leaf tab. We’d love you to give it a try and to hear your feedback.
I'm so excited to finally be able to share Capsicum with you. This launch is the beginning of our journey to bring beautiful planners to iOS. Capsicum has too many features and use cases to list but one of my favorites is the ability to 'Time Travel' to any day in the past and check the weather for any location. For example, you can check the weather on the day you were born. If you like what we’ve done and would like to support us, we’d love if you’d subscribe, leave a review, or tell a friend about it. We want you to really be able to try it out without being pressured to subscribe though, so we're offering a 14-day free trial that does not automatically bill you at the end of the trial. Even better, it doesn't count days you haven't used it against your free trial days. Can't wait for you to try it out.
Seems nice but there’s no Android version to try...
@anna_0x Thank you! A lot of people have requested an Android app! We’re open to it and will be sure to let the community know when and if that happens!