Stock research that isn't overwhelming

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Hey people, I'm the CTO of Cappio. Would love thoughts. It's definitely a product we built to solve a personal pain of ours :)
Hey Chintan, love the UX and can definitely see a lot of use cases that would come up for my own personal investment research. What are your thoughts on a concept that Matt Turck at First Round Capital talks a lot about, the unbundling of the Bloomberg Terminal? If I was an investment professional, I would think there is a tipping point when 4-5 specific web apps do a better job at what I need than the broad, encompassing BT. Also, do you see users as largely professional or retail? Reference link:
Love the UX! Very nice
Tried to look up BABA (Alibaba) and CMG (Chipotle)... couldn't get it to work.
@JeremyZ123 #3 on HN right now, so it's a little slow. BABA is too recent to have enough data, and we'll definitely look into CMG. Thanks!
@chintanparikh94 @JeremyZ123 Understood. AAPL did work. I like it. Not sure how useful it is for serious investors. Not sure how much less serious retail investors should rely on it, but as a quick, well presented check on various items, I like it.
The UX is awesome. I'd love to see the market sentiment section to turn into actual sentiment analysis rather than just a search of Twitter results for the stock ticker symbol.