CapLinked API

File sharing, storage & permissions for your app

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Cassandra Beaulieu
Cassandra Beaulieu@cassandra_beaulieu · Founder & Digital MKG @
Impressive API with clear documentation. Found it easy to use it to incorporate file uploads/downloads, storage, sharing and permissions directly into my own app. CapLinked provided me with a free key and sandbox, and were helpful when I had questions. Highly recommend it for developers looking to build applications with file storage/sharing functionality.
Eric M. Jackson
Eric M. JacksonMaker@ericmjackson · CEO & Co-founder, CapLinked
Hello ProductHunt! We're excited to share our latest product with you. The CapLinked API that allows developers to integrate secure file sharing and information control tools directly into their own applications. Think of it as "Twilio for secure file sharing." We give developers a set of API endpoints to: - Put files into safe, secure cloud storage while maintaining accessibility - Control file access privileges for users - Apply Digital Rights Management (DRM) to Microsoft Office and PDF files - Create dynamic watermarks on documents using information such as name, timestamps, and IP address - Generate exhaustive user activity data and reports - Leverage optical character recognition (OCR) to search stored files The CapLinked API can help deliver an enhanced customer experience around file sharing in a wide range of use cases, including finance, CRM, business deals, audit, RFPs, project management, KYC, investor & board portals--basically whenever sensitive information is exchanged. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know.