Capitol Bells

Gamified political social network to crowd-lobby Congress

For much more on this check out yesterday's AMA with founders Alex Ebert (also lead-singer of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros) and Ted Henderson: The app allows users to: (1) Track Congress: Via live vote alerts and official updates from the House & Senate (2) Stay Informed: See general political news & updates to "set your own agenda & influence your colleagues" (3) Express Your Opinion: "Whip votes alongside Congress" When you log in you're greeted by the "Lobby", which is a newsfeed of Hot & New posts from users of the app as well as live updates from the House & Senata. Posts include things like "Should we deploy boots on the ground in Syria?", "Will Obama's executive action on gun control play a role in upcoming debates" with the ability to vote Yea or Nay. There's also a "Bills" tab where you can vote Yea or Nay on Bills that are currently in Congress. The concept is cool but needs the receptor on the other end of the feedback loop within Congress to actually be concretely meaningful. In other words, if a vote takes place within an app that no one acknowledges, does it make a sound? Also, I think DemocracyOS (YC W'15) is addressing most of this feature set other than the ability to "Track Congress" and so could be a stronger contender for adoption. Overall I applaud the few govtech solutions out there that are looking to enable pure & direct democracy - this one is especially fascinating since it's being spearheaded by such a talented musician!
Thank you, Nick. Feel free to ask any questions. We're at CES today.