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Hey guys we built Capital to fill an important need in the marketplace that really wasn't being challenged with technical solutions tied to computer vision....We're not a scanner company, we are an transaction infrastructure and identify management solution powered by AI driven cloud solutions. How is this better than the rest? We'll it's how Capital works. You can scan and sign a document in under 10 seconds....that was the vision. To teach a computer how to determine if that's a document or if that's a recipt and to then in context offer up various intents for a contract being the signature panel and to then dynamically input your signature right inside the signature box. It's still very much a work in progress right now....this was beta build more focused on the flow while we work on the tech at the moment. We're gearing up for an update and to actually offer a great new feature free faxing, one free fax a now users can send a free fax every single day once they are done signing or scanning a document. Ew..Nick why touch faxing at all you say? It's better for the environment to move companies globally away from Faxing and into this new era. ( and not just say it but really support them in the entire funnel ) There are over 17 billion fax's sent a year and Fedex which is also inconvenient cost $2 per fax. If one average sized tree can produce over 8,000 sheets of paper that means that over 2 million trees are being cut down each year for faxing. To put that into perspective which is easier to visualize, that is a similar size to nearly 5,000 football fields! ...goal here is to encourage others in the market to innovate along with us.
My Dad is a realtor and the programs that industry uses feels seriously archaic. What are your thoughts about that industry in terms document security, validation, and tracking? nicholassheriff
@davidsfeng Hi David I couldn't agree more David my dad spent 30 years in the construction industry and I grew up with him spending most of the day ripping out his hair because they wanted to use technology that was fragmented, and still do. Great question...I think when you still have millions of people sending billions of faxes annually and that still being a billion dollar industry and going through it's own innovation it stands to reason that their is more "complaining" going on than innovation in solutions. Because if the real innovation was there to solve a need it would actually be solved. what really happens is industry leaders think it's about culture and I disagree it's about compliance. Everyone is complying with other heads of departments and those departments are complying with standards...and it's in part because the market leaders really just have overpriced camera at your disposal. The goal isn't to help you take better selfies it's to build exceedingly advanced computer vision software powered by deep learning. So that we can go and be HIPPA compliant because we have a secure encrypted protocol of transferring data that rivals traditional methods. But it doesn't stop at one funnel....what about a biometric protocol of idenity, what about a standard protocol ot validate and track data and information relay? What brand is there? NO ONE! That's why Capital exists. Two things will either happen we will either win in the marketplace in a big way or we will actually cause the other billion dollar giants to wake up because a small team with no funding is trying to be better than you are. For example it shouldn't take any human 5 minutes to sign or scan a document in 2016 thanks to the tech we have today. But according to Docusign that's how long it takes on average with their takes minutes to go through their flow. Time is money, increase the value, lower the affordance and given people back their time and peace of mind is our objective. We are still early stage and we're a small team doing this but rest assured we've really good at this. When you think about information being transfered and exchanged, validated especially on a biometric level that's a billion dollar trillion dollar value adding infrastructure, and I don't see anyone really trying to establish themselves as something more than a "joke" in part due to legacy. They are just old and don't know how to do anything else. As a teaser I'lll leave this here...something we're working on:
How is this different from Scanner Pro or Genius Scan?
@tomflemming Hi Tom Our approach isn't take a photo using your camera and that's it it is 100% about applying computer vision to grab the value you want. We built software that tries to predict what you are going to do and then offers you that value. The goal is to be the only software on the market with actual technology that can actually identify not just documents but create a streamlined solution tied to intent for that information. Notice Genius Scan has two apps one for Signing and one for scanning why? No computer vision technology. Here is a comparison with Capital, Genius Scan and DocuSign Do you have 3 computers Myna? One for sending emails, another for looking a pictures and another for doing research? Why does that sounds a bit silly because of the computing capacity of the device you're tying on, it's by design capable of handling all of those tasks...that's how we are diffrent. By design Capital will be the only solution you'll ever need because we are always going to predict using machine learning what value you are after. Also our competitor isn't actually other scanners it's actually something that predates all of's this bad boy. Yes that's a $80,000 document scanner by Kodak that has a 3 star rating...22 reviews. Premium Document Scanners are still a very niche but big market....and that perceived value is what we are after.
@nicholassheriff If you are a position to be signing contracts all day then the price might be less of an issue. £3.99 is a little steep. Especially to give it a test run. Scanner Pro is pretty excellent on iOS. Also as you may know iOS 10 has the ability to add signatures baked in. And on macOS you can do the same with Preview and built in camera. Scanning docs and signing docs are separate tasks most of the time. The ability to recognise options around signing might be thing. Scanbot on iOS is a further app to look out for. Similarly to Scanner Pro they are offering a range of options as paid freemium features. Also this may be an entirely different approach to what you are aiming for.
@tomflemming Actually I disagree only to say that we aren't in the same game ( not betting on the same things as them long term. I disagree completely that's not expensive $40 is: FineScanner Pro is $39.99 for that app. $3.99 isn't expensive when looking at the entire market and actually that won't be our model we will be subscription based with users that might need to tap into our tech once using it for free. Eventually. How is $3.99 steep for what we are looking to do? iScanner $4.99 Scanner Pro $3.99 Scanner for Me $4.99 TurboScan $4.99 Tiny Scan $4.99 A company like ours can only do the things we need to do with revenue. And we are thankfully looking great when it comes with revenue that can fund this. We are a premium brand. Our pricing actually isn't competitive enough. We will be raising the price one we actually do the things we will do. but we'll have variable pricing so that only people who really rely on our protocol excessively pay the required price. We're not a scanner company, we are an transaction infrastructure and identify management solution powered by AI driven cloud solutions. Our vision isn't a better app it's a better protocol. Think of us as the old Intel and think of scan bot as the old IBM. We will power the invisible layer in addition to our suite of offerings for whatever computing device that's needed. But the focus is on the technology. For example scanner pro revenue is in the millions but identity verification those protocols, that space is worth trillions. Security and authentication. We'll have a product that can compete don't get me wrong that's the whole point of showing off about how great your technology works but they are content with being a very different kind of leader.