Cap Compare

Bitcoin’s market cap vs fiat currencies and public companies

Compare the market cap of popular cryptocurrencies with other country currencies and large cap companies listed on NYSE or Nasdaq.

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Thanks for hunting this @erictwillis ... Like everyone else I've been watching in awe at the price of Bitcoin. After a tweet by my buddy Dave Craige I started thinking about the value of cryptocurrencies versus's other financial assets, and decided to build a website to do the comparison. I wrote more about the site and how it came about: If you have any other suggestions for things to compare against, please leave a comment!
@erictwillis Great build here from @mubashariqbal. Was actually just chatting with Mubs the other day about this and it's a really cool idea; the deeper we got into the conversation, the more offshoots I could see being useful for different demographics of people. I'll be interested to see what the response is to this over the next months or so, especially as the crypto phase continues to gain steam.
@erictwillis @adammarx13 Thanks Adam. Definitely lots of other things that could be added comparison wise. Looking forward to growing this out.
This is prettttttttty cool. It would be cool if I could click the name of the coin to find out more about it (as a noob, I havent heard of alot of these! It'd save me a new tab + google search)
@notjoshcookfair Oh good idea will see how I get that information and integrate!
Nice work on this @Mubashariqbal! Love how you crank out great work so quickly. This will be fascinating to watch as cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity. Looks like bitcoin will surpass the Rupee in India soon!
One more creative project, i'm fan of this guy!