CanvasJS Charts

Beautiful high performance HTML5 charts.

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(I do know the founder.) Keeping any bias aside I was quite impressed with what they have built. We have integrated this into a product. CanvasJS charting library can render 100K data points in milliseconds and without any hiccup. There are very few options that work well with real time flowing data and at this scale.
Thanks @ofkrishna for Hunting us. Founder & Lead Developer of CanvasJS here. As @jyothirmayee pointed out, performance and simplicity are the key aspects of CanvasJS Charts – it can render hundreds of thousands of data points in a few milliseconds. Below are few pages that can help you explore CanvasJS more: Chart gallery – Performance test – Do checkout and let us know what you think. We are very exited to hear your feedback.
@sunilurs @ofkrishna @jyothirmayee I was hoping to see performance test against chartjs, highcharts, plotly... Nice work. Small suggestion: please improve the website to make it looks sleek (as easy as buying a theme).
@quanghoc @ofkrishna @jyothirmayee Someone has already done a performance comparison among CanvasJS, HighCharts and AmCharts. Checkout - And thanks for your suggestion on the design. We'll work on it soon...
I love the ease of the product. We used it for an analytical system. Its super fast to render. Looking forward to more features.
Happy to see canvasjs at producthunt :)
Thanks guys, can you contrast this to Google Charts?
@tribaling There are several areas in which CanvasJS has an edge over Google Charts * CanvasJS Charts have 10x better performance when you are rendering thousands of data points. * Much simple to learn and get started - check out docs and you'll be able to create your first chart in 5-10 minutes. * You can host CanvasJS on your own server - Google's license doesn't allow hosting on your own server. * Better support.. :)
@sunilurs Sounds great :)