Create canvas prints with Unsplash photos. Preview with AR is an e-commerce marketplace where you can buy photographs and designs printed on framed canvases.

You can see how a canvas looks on your wall before buying it, using AR. No extra app needed! Works on the web.

Canvasar was created with the main goal of supporting creators. Creators earn 50% of the profit margins.

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To clarify for people who have never uploaded to Unsplash, Canvasar has elected to upload all/a significant portion of the Unsplash library and present them as if they are available for sale w/o contacting the creators of those photos. Some of the material seems to make it appear as if individuals who are visible on the app have opted in to being shown on canvasar. They have not. As an example, I have never heard of canvasar but I have a profile there that I've never seen before made by people I've never heard of. Description text had also been added to the image that was not written by me so who knows where that came from. While it is likely not against the TOS of @unsplash, I feel this app misrepresents the photographers and presents them as having opted in to something they clearly have not. Additionally the only way to have these images removed is a generic "email us". Forcing individuals to opt out when they never opted in is bad practice.
@unsplash @whmii hey there! another photographer here.. I'd like to second Will on this matter. Just by doing a quick search I also have found some of my photos from Unsplash on here, and I have not opted in for my photos to be sold.
@unsplash @whmii Hi Will! We've put a lot of effort into making this issue crystal clear. I'm really sad you didn't like it. The vast majority of Unsplash photographers reacted happily when we contacted them saying that someone wants to buy a canvas featuring one of their photos. We do have a very clear UI specifying that we have to contact photographers first, and that we will refund the buyer if we can't contact photographers in less than 2 days. Also, we do have ridiculously easy mechanisms to take down your photos. Just follow this page: Would love to work with you to create an experience that you think could correctly represent the community.
@unsplash @kevinnatanzon Yep, had the product been 'sign up and we'll take your Unsplash photos and make them available for sale' I would have been very interested. Nothing wrong w/ the product, but I find the approach of doing first and asking permission later to be confrontational.
@abigaillynn, @whmii, I completely understand your concern, and we will take down your photos today. I'd like to clarify once again that we never sell a canvas without your consent. We are not "doing first and asking permission later". After the user requests to buy the photo we reach out to each photographer. In general, they are really happy to hear this.
Thank you @bentossell! Hi Product Hunt! 👋 We started Canvasar as a way to support Unsplash photographers and designers. Many photographers are already selling their photos outside Unsplash, so our goal is to help them as much as we can. The key technological breakthrough is that previewing a canvas with augmented reality doesn't require any extra app. It just works on the mobile web browser! We're really excited to finally launch, and we want to thank everyone who supported us throughout the journey building online projects. Last, but not least: 🚨Giveaway announcement! 🚨 We still need to polish many things, so the first 3 users who help us spot a bug will earn a free canvas! Just comment here and we'll fix it right away :) Look forward to hearing your thoughts!
@bentossell @kevinnatanzon not necessarily a bug but on your bottom menu, it says "Travek" instead of "Travel".
@bentossell @rubes_world Ooops! Sorry for the typo!
@bentossell @kevinnatanzon no need to apologize. Just wanted to help 🤙. Quick question though: if it's browser enabled, why doesn't it work with an Android device?
@bentossell @kevinnatanzon Since you asked about bugs 😛 I was trying it out: picked this img though it feeds me the following img in the AR view: Also this effect looked curious: 🙂
@bentossell @rubes_world We are using a feature that's only available on iPhones. It enables iPhone users to open a file type named .usdz, which we generate programatically. That's the technological breakthrough! We couldn't find anyone creating usdz files programmatically. Would love to connect with anyone working on that!
Saw this on Pioneer! Really cool!
Looks really useful! A feature idea: it would be cool if Canvasar could suggest a frame color that matches the wall + picture best 🙂
@zelena Love it! We'll take into account. Thank you Elena!!
Just signed up but the update payment details button (for Stripe payments) won't save any data for me :)
@sammcallister So happy to have you Sam! We're currently running into some issues with this. We're fixing it now. Will update shortly!
@sammcallister We fixed it! 🙌