An empty URL for a creator to show their work. For 168 hours

#4 Product of the DayJuly 22, 2018

We give a creator, no matter what he/she does, complete freedom over how their work is discovered, by just giving them the entire website.

And we give people an awesome new way to explore new ideas every week.

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Hey!! My first (real) project on Product Hunt.. hope you like the idea! If you know some great creators, maybe be so nice and let them know. If you are a creator yourself maybe give it a try (: Also @rrhoover ..wanna be the first special guest on the CanvasCreatorComittee? Anyway..if there are questions, ideas, or something like that, just let me know! (:
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@julian_zett This looks really interesting! Would love to see more and more creators try this out :) I see that it's free for now. Are you planning on keeping it free forever? How do you plan on sustaining the venture?
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@amrith Glad you like it! (: Yeah, I definitely plan on it being free for creators in the future. Otherwise we would probably miss a lot of really cool stuff! Could imagine paid sponsorships for brands launching new products in the future, every now and then. They would, just like everybody else, get the entire website and could promote it in a creative way.
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That's a very interesting concept Julian! Is this mainly a side project or besides potential sponsors you have other things in mind to help it grow?
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@guillaumebardet Thank you (: Yup, definitely a side project for now. I'm honestly still working things out as I go right now, because this is still one of the first projects I did and I'm still gaining a lot of experience..
Completely understand @julian_zett, I did the same with four projects while focusing on my main one just to learn about the tech community and Product Hunt more specifically. I am not sure if the site has that already, but you should consider a place where you can see a list of all the sites previously featured. This would bring them some kind of 'long term' value that won't go away after the 168 hours. :) I hope this helps a bit and congrats on the launch!
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@guillaumebardet Doesn't have that feature yet, but it is definitely on the to-do list !! Yeah, thanks a lot. Great to hear from other people who have made the same experiences...(:
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Sounds interesting! But wonder why 168 hours? That’s not very long. I can post a landing page for my product for free for 6 months on Squarespace which gives me enough time to promote, test, get traction, etc. I _think_ I understand what the use case might be for this but it’s not entirely clear to me (i.e. another marketing channel).
@myle_goel Thanks (: Well, the idea is rather to give people who already have done great work (including maybe a website of their own, youtube/vimeo channel or blog with photography, writing etc..) a cool way to showcase it for a limited time, which is at the same time a place that people check out that are interested in finding new and changing ideas and creators. As a bonus you'll be able, if your work gets displayed, to meet other likeminded really good creators afterwards. (at CanvasCreatorCommittee) Hope that answers your question? (:
I find the basic idea quite interesting. However, the biggest challenge is to make the page accessible to ordinary mortals (non hunters). If any kind of product can actually be advertised, the target group is pretty huge. Or should the site be interesting for potential investors only? Am I getting something wrong? 🤷🏻‍♀️😄
@ihatedotpink Hi Stephanie (: The idea of the page is actually meant to be extremely accessible, because the moment you publish your work anywhere on the internet, take for example you upload a video to youtube, you have a domain for that video that could we could potentially show on Canvas168. It does not have to be a website, that's specifically designed for Canvas168, just any cool project you already publishes online. Hope that explains it a little bit better (: