Canvas for iOS

Write with your team, in realtime, using markdown

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Canvas co-founder here. Thanks for hunting, @jdsimcoe. We are really excited to launch Canvas for iOS. If you want to read more about the app check out:
@mschoening Thank you guys! 🎉 So excited for this app to get out there in the wild!
Looks Cool :)
Are you planning on releasing a Mac app at some point? I love the UI, very intuitive, nice work!
I love the concept! 🙌 Writing markdown is such a tedious concept but with Canvas it's fun. ✌️
@triplejberger Thanks! That's what we were going for. We still have work to do with inline Markdown but are pretty happy with block formatting.
I’ve been beta testing Canvas for iOS for several months—it’s totally 💯. @soffes has been doing awesome work on it. It’s a great Markdown editor, and takes advantage of so many great iOS features (keyboard shortcuts, 3D Touch, gestures, etc). Just get Canvas. 👏🏻
@lachlanjc Thanks for helping us test and for all your suggestions.