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Hi all! This is Aman Brar, Founder and CEO of Canvas. I am excited to announce our launch today and bring you the world's first text-based interviewing platform. Since March, recruiters have used Canvas to engage with thousands of candidates, from welders to salespersons to software engineers. Early adopters span from startups to Fortune 500 companies located in Silicon Valley all the way to the Midwest. Please check us out and ping me here with any questions, comments, or thoughts. Our software is evolving every day due largely in part to the thoughtful feedback from the super recruiters using Canvas. Talk soon! Aman
@amandbrar What a fantastic idea.
@matthewboyle25 Thanks, Matthew!
@amandbrar This is a really awesome idea & concept. You should expand to tech/startup-hotspots all over the world such as London, Berlin/Hamburg, Tallinn, Jakarta etc. including the local employment workflow/style and language. Keep up the good work!
@marvinpoo Thanks Marvin - we've already signed global clients and look forward to continued global growth!
@amandbrar Love it! This could be very useful to us and our clients. :)
Here's our launch video - a great 90 second overview ofCanvas:
This looks beautiful and super useful. + Bonus points for being from Indy!
Congrats @amandbrar! Amazing idea, look forward to using it in the future!
@eprugh Thanks Eric!
Why don't they just use email?
@huangdun At my company, we've found SMS to be a very fruitful channel (we do contract execution via SMS) and the quickest way to a response. It makes sense, especially in this case... milennials are checking texts more often than email in lots of cases. Especially in the job hunt when it relates to _personal_ email which is checked less frequently. I'm sure @amandbrar has thoughts here :-)
@eprugh @huangdun Eric - definitely - you nailed it. Email can be a great option but demographic trends continue to point to text and messaging as more appropriately meeting candidates where they are...
@eprugh @huangdun Also this article points to some helpful data re: texting