A simple alternative to car ownership

#4 Product of the DayMay 06, 2017

An online platform that offers month-to-month car subscriptions. Get a car without committing to a multiyear financing. All cars come with insurance, maintenance, warranty coverage, and roadside assistance.

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name makes zero sense to me.
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@thejeremycarson Agreed... no relevance. Hope they explain it sometime soon!
@thejeremycarson What's not to get? J. E. Rhoads & Sons in 1702, started producing canvas for conveyor belts and flat belts for use in factories. Henry Ford is widely known as the father of the modern assembly line. Assembly lines commonly use conveyer belts back in the olden days, made of Canvas. Canvas->Assembly Line->Ford->Ford Focus-> Duh.
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@katnguyen @thejeremycarson Ha. Well, we chose “Canvas” because we wanted folks to be able create the form of car ownership that works for them. We also wanted to give ourselves some latitude to create different products as the space evolves.
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@thejeremycarson so negative! I think this is awesome!
@gavid_dold, thank you for the hunt! We just launched Canvas on Friday and are now live in the Bay Area. Canvas offers a month-to-month subscription to a car that includes insurance, maintenance, and warranty coverage. Our goal is to create a simple alternative to the car ownership that everyone is used to today. The transportation landscape is changing dramatically (and talked about constantly), but we don’t think anyone has been able to tackle the longstanding problems associated with owning a car. We think the process of buying, owning and selling is overly complicated, and we want to make it seamless and simple. We’ve launched with a small initial batch of cars (Focuses and Fusions), but we’ll constantly be adding more inventory. Check back in the future if you don’t see something you like right now. Please feel free to ask questions or provide feedback! I put together some thoughts on the problem we're trying to tackle - check it out (
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@nedsryan great work Ned.
@nedsryan word on the street is that canvas is killing it. Congrats, guys!!
this would be great... ...if it had more than just used ford focuses.
@zduboss guessing Ford funded them to get into new alt vehicle ownership like GM has and made that part of the requirement to close the round. Think it's interesting but not sure what the target customer and use case/geography is vs like Zipcar. Is it just the convenience of the delivery?
@zduboss or if it was outside of san fran :D
@zduboss why not rent a car from a real car rental like then? One more benefit: you usually get a very new car. What this is, is a used car rental company dressed up as a startup...
@josef_moser that's what I was thinking. However, even at crappy Sixt it's going to be more than $450/month and won't include insurance
@zduboss the company doesn't lack any focus...
I really like the idea of hassle-free car purchasing. I purchased a car from Beepi a year ago before they shut down and the difference between these online ones and purchasing in a dealership is night and day (literally, Beepi delivered our car when we were available which was after work when the sun was down). This seems to be fitting in with that hassle-free mindset but for leases on preowned cars. I initially thought their pricing was really high but since we're talking about no down-payment and included maintenance/warranty, I think on the surface it looks to be a decent deal. I've always been skeptical of car manufacturer warranties/maintenance plans, so I'm curious how it would play out since "You are responsible for any damage to the car that is in excess of normal wear and tear." Now, like Zach said, just waiting for them to have more than Fords!
@joshmatz we couldn’t agree more! We’ll certainly face challenges communicating the all-in cost of our cars vs. traditional car ownership and that’ll be a constant work in progress. Thanks for the suggestion
Love this idea