Canvas 2.0

A car subscription platform for modern day drivers

Canvas 2.0 is a new platform that serves as an alternative to car ownership. Subscribe to Canvas for anywhere from 1 - 12 months, and get access to our fleet of ready-to-drive cars. Stay in your first car, swap to a different car when you’re ready for a change, or skip a couple months.

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Hey everyone, Glad to be back on Product Hunt! Since our launch of Canvas in May of last year, we’ve been heads down and learning a ton of interesting stuff from our customers. We’re excited to announce the launch of the next version of our car subscription product. Previously, you could only get a single car for one month at a time. NOW we've changed things a bit. First, you choose a subscription term of 1-12 months. Then, you select your first vehicle (or maybe your only car if that’s what you want). And finally, you pick your mileage package and start your reservation. This way, you can commit to our platform instead of to a single vehicle. We know that life happens, so our model is flexible. You can stay in the first car you selected, swap to a new vehicle that better suits your needs, or skip a couple months of having a car. Our model is here to turn traditional car ownership on its head. We see the world evolving away from traditional car ownership like leases & loans, which can be a burden for some people that need more flexibility in their lives. We also want to layer on more services as we go, and this platform concept allows for that. Think things like: different tiers of vehicles and more concierge-like services (fuel delivery, etc.), among other ideas. Note that nothing has changed as it relates to what comes with our cars: insurance, maintenance, warranty coverage, roadside assistance, and registration come standard. Happy to address any feedback or questions from the community!
I've been following this company for a while! I'm kind of the poster child for this model, having owned 30+ cars, purely out of my desire for variety and flexibility. I also agree that the industry is, to some extend moving toward this model. Volvo just launched a subscription service that reminded me of Canvas. I wish your fleet had Teslas. :-)
@jimmydouglas Thanks for the comment. We’re very excited to be a part of this changing world of mobility.

I have been a Canvas customer since the end of January. The 2015 Ford Escape I am using was delivered dirty and with a bad battery. After weeks of back and fourth with Canvas support, I was offered a credit for the Lyft rides I took when my car battery was dead. I was not compensated for the afternoon of work I took off to get the battery replaced or the hours lost waiting for roadside assistance. This was particularly frustrating because Canvas did not take any blame for delivering a car that had not been maintained.

When I signed up I paid a "one-time new user activation fee." I don't have a copy of the contract handy, but I believe I could return my car, take some time off from Canvas, and get a new car later without paying the activation fee. I am not interested in paying a monthly subscription fee having already paid the "one-time new user activation fee."




Cars aren't maintained, customer service, new model doesn't benefit existing customers, doesn't include FasTrak.

It feels disingenuous to hide the fact that Canvas is only available in two cities behind a call to action. Why doesn't the homepage mention this?
When are you coming to Vegas???? :)
@prsarahevans We’d love to come out your way! We’re still working on getting our model just right, but we hope to add some new delivery areas soon.
@nedsryan let me know how i can help get you here.