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at a digital dating panel yesterday, a few app founders mentioned how difficult it was to get online convos into offline convos. i know this isn't a dating app, but curious how this will effective this will be. i know @jacobsmith88 was/is trying to accomplish this with UpTo - curious to hear what he thinks about this.
@eriktorenberg @jacobsmith88 UpTo looks like an amazing product. How did you go about marketing the product?
@eriktorenberg we didn't even get that far... we found that online convos within UpTo were adding more complication than value and actually removed our comments feature entirely with our last major update (end of March).
@DidrikPersson thanks, we very proud of where we're at! Just downloaded Canu, which looks very cool as well. We've been up and running for 2.5 yrs, so we've tried a TON of different stuff on the marketing front. Any specific questions? Shoot me an email at
@jacobsmith88 Sweet, yes! I'll shoot you an email in the coming days. Tell me if there is anything you feel that I could help with.
Hi! I'm one of the founders of CANU, a project that started at Hyper Island in Stockholm. In short we want people to get together and do more in the offline world. We want to do so by making a service focused on the everyday activities you do in life. A place for the beers, the coffees or the bbqs. Our ambition is to get closed groups of friends to open up and invite people around them to their activities. So that no matter where you are in the world, you are always invited. We have a long way left so if you are extra interested in our vision and have the urge to get involved— contact us. We are looking for ambitious people just like you to join the journey and keep this vision running.
@DidrikPersson i have some friends who may be interested. for what positions are you hiring / where are you based now?
@eriktorenberg Amazing, we're open for any type of talent really, you can never get enough of amazing people. However more specifically we're on the lookout for a tech lead (iOS + RoR) at the moment. We're currently based in Stockholm but not afraid of moving. ( One of the benefits of a 2-man team ;) )
@DidrikPersson I absolutely applaud you for this app - I put it into a similar basket as Path but that said I had a few issues - one was a blank black screen that took some getting rid of!! The other was it imported loads of landline numbers for some reason - I don't know how that happened which made it difficult to invite some people - I couldn't see where to change this. Finally I understand the idea of the 'tribe' but the interface gave me a little confusion about what direction to slide in and how to navigate around the app. I deleted it and will reinstall when I get a moment because I so want this to work on a personal level. I have no one place where my 'tribe' resides so if this could work I'd be really happy and look forward to enjoying a deeper connection and more offline activities! fyi Mark Sisson's The Primal Connection talks about the importance of nurturing not only our inner circle but our tribe so I think you are spot on! Good luck.
Hey @helencrozier, great input and thank you for the support! I have a few questions to more correctly understand whats happening. Firstly, when did you experience the blank black screen? What phone do you have and how did you finally get rid of it? Secondly, the landline numbers have an easy explanation in that the currently import all the numbers in your phonebook. And you're so right, it makes no sense that it imports the landline numbers. Finally, thank you once again with the kind words, the tribe system needs some work, no doubts there! Where in the navigation do you get lost? We've been playing around a bit with that. Would you think it's better if we go back to a more traditional way of navigating inside the app? Also, sad to see that you deleted it since your feedback on the current versions bugs would be amazing. With that said I also understand you with the steady flow of apps out there. Hope I'm not annoying asking all these question, me and the team just want to make it work for you on that personal level. Once again, thank you for the feedback and keep on paying it forward. You rock! Talk soon!
@DidrikPersson thanks for your response. Don't worry I only removed the app to see if I could sort out the contact phone number issue. I have put it back on and will try again and see if the black screen of death returns. I want this app to work for everyone :-) As soon as I have tested it a bit more I will be in touch but perhaps it is better to do that via the feedback email rather than here :-)
Didrik, fantastic design. Innovative yet intuitive. Seemed a bit buggy though - sometimes after I made an event and tried to invite friends via text, I would come back to the app and the event would be "expired." However, I like the idea and am looking forward to see how you gain traction.
@cjl49 Thank you Calvin. Yeah those damn bugs! :) It's a problem with the timezones, we're working on a fix!