Canopy for Android

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Hey Team, Congrats on the Android launch! 1) Are there any differences between the Android and iOS versions? Is there any Android specific functionality in the app? 2) What's the coolest product you have discovered and bought through Canopy recently?
Thanks @darynakulya! 1) This first version of our includes the core functionality of Canopy: • Browse by categories and brands, or find gifts by personality type. • Discover what products are new and trending within our community. • Follow your favorite brands or the categories you're most interested in. • Save products to your profile and build personal collections of your favourite finds. We’ve also been experimenting with Featured issues where we highlight curators who tell stories around their favourite products. This isn’t on Android yet, but they’ve been really successful on web/iOS, so we’re planning to bring it to Android soon. I think what makes the app unique is its design. We worked hard to make Android its own app and not just an iOS clone. Using the Material Design Spec and taking advantage of all it has to offer was a key part of the process. The spec is a great reference for designers and developers. 2) Last week Huge Inc. curated a featured issue for Canopy and included this slick stainless steel insulated mug by Zojirushi. I can’t enough drink receptables.
@alexispcurio Zojirushi mugs ++