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With this first release for iOS, we’re really just scratching the surface of what we can do. We’ll quickly be adding more functionality, like our Featured page, following, and full optimization for iPad. Would love to hear what you think!
@shanndfox Does the Amazon app not allow deep linking? So you can link to their app vs. Safari.
@mzuvella @shanndfox We're looking into this and definitely want to make this an option. Thanks for the question!
Proven business model (Amazon referral fees), great curation, beautiful interface. ❤️
@darrellwhitelaw Thanks for the love!
Congrats on the release, @shanndfox and team. Just in time for the holidays. It's an interesting model to curate products solely found on Amazon. Without revealing too much, this is something we've thought about at Product Hunt. Part of the beauty in focusing just on Amazon is that Amazon/Prime customers will have a reliable and consistent experience. But do you plan to expand to other stores/content sources?
@rrhoover @shanndfox Hey Ryan, thanks for the comment—love PH, btw. We're focused on created the best shopping/discovery experience and, for the reasons you mentioned, keeping Canopy Amazon-only makes things super consistent and rewarding. One of our principles when we started was that we wouldn't duplicate features that Amazon already does well—which is why you don't find star ratings or reviews on Canopy. Instead, we can devote all our time to figuring out the best ways to browse and discover products. While we definitely entertain expanding to other stores and verticals, we think there's so much more potential with our current model that we're best served by continuing to stay focused. Happy to answer more questions!
@brianarmstrong Really like this app. To your point about not duplicating features, I think that makes a lot of sense. However whenever I find myself saying things like that, I wonder if it is a train of thought that only makes sense from a maker's birds-eye POV, and not that of a user. *I* understand the ecosystem at large, but my user is just looking at the screen and wondering why something they want is missing. Haven't quite resolved that in my head, but will be interesting to see what you guys add over time. Would love this to link to the amazon app instead of safari!
Really good, thoughtful points @emablekos. We have had some requests to bring star ratings over from Amazon, and are open to it. The principle of not duplicating things that Amazon does well would just mean we wouldn't create our own star rating and review system. We're focused on creating value in new ways rather than trying to compete with an already good solution. We're looking into linking into the Amazon app, as an option. Definitely agree that'd be a big win. The other, related thing we're going to do is add a share extension so you can add a product to Canopy directly from on iOS (and possibly from the Amazon app too).
@brianarmstrong Sounds good! Maybe the fact you have chosen them is a proxy for the star ratings, you never feature an item with less than 4 stars. Not sure. Perhaps you simply 'curate' good amazon reviews? Or figure out a way to show the amazon review of Canopy users, etc. Did you guys reshoot any of this yourselves?
@emablekos Right now our process for this pretty organic. We definitely pull a given product when there's a consensus it's not great. That might happen based on bad reviews, or a tweet from someone we trust. Star ratings on Amazon actually aren't a 100% reliable—sometimes a good product has a bad rating because it only has a few reviews and one reviewer was made about the price or something. Showing Amazon reviews by Canopy users is a super interesting idea.
Love the website, excited to try iOS!
@leepnet Thanks, let us know what you think of the app!
Design is absolutely georgeous IMO - esp. when compared to it to Amazon as is. Looking forward to digging around :)
@derekminter Thanks Derek, do let us know what you think!