Fall in love with email again



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Raffaele ColellaMaker@raf_col · PM, Google News
@Cannonball is the interior designer for personal email - we have rebuilt the inbox experience to let users enjoy every second of it!
Steve McGarryHunter@stvmcg · Entrepreneur and coffee snob
Spent some time with this team while in @DogpatchLabs Great product, mission, and team. @jimcaralis @raf_col
Raffaele ColellaMaker@raf_col · PM, Google News
@stvmcg Thanks Steve!
Max Pellegrini@maxpelle · President, RealNetworks
Best email client I have ever seen. I love the way it groups email based on sources and allows easy customization thru gestures.
Shachar Shamir@shashamir · Co-founder&COO, Ranky
Looking good. Are you planning to create an Android version?
Raffaele ColellaMaker@raf_col · PM, Google News
@shashamir thanks! We first want to push the UX in email to a novel level, great as when email was really popular 15 years ago. We are working on a new version to release after the summer. Stay tuned ;)