A fully featured Cannabis social network app

CannaBuzz is a social network for the cannabis community. Other social networks and platforms have been removing content and banning accounts, despite legalization.
CannaBuzz is a safe home for the global Cannabis community.
Hi all! This week I launched a project I've been working on for the last several months. Meet CannaBuzz, a cannabis social network for iOS and Android. Our app supports 2 min videos, photos, text, and live video streaming. We also have Groups, which support real-time chat and are a great way to find fellow cannabis lovers that share your interests. I started this project with a friend that I made on Instagram, we came together over our shared love for cannabis and our shared frustration in seeing platforms continue to ban and remove Cannabis content. In particular, we're going after Instagram and offering what we believe could be a home for the "Weedstagram" community :) For some backstory, here's a Leafly article (that quotes me!) from last year, when YouTube and Instagram started deleting accounts in mass - CannaBuzz is a passion project for me, I'm hoping to bring my community management background and experience into this industry in a way that can give back to the cannabis community. Cheers, Sam
TIL "weedstagram" is a word. 😂 @samhouston I'm curious what type of posts/interactions you're seeing early on within the app.
@rrhoover In these first few days, the users that are joining are mostly from the cannabis grower community on Instagram. That's what I'm most plugged into through my own personal Weedstagram and it's the community I could most easily tap into in these early days. They post pictures of their plants, in all states of growth. Growing a plant is a project (and also a labor of love for many!) and it's a project that can be min/maxed just like any other hobby, so many people talk about the equipment uses, techniques used, etc. For example, a woman who is a farmer in Humboldt just posted a photo of her and her crew tilling their raised beds that they built in a greenhouse. Or another example, a Colorado cannabis breeder posted a picture of one of his own cannabis strains he created. Cannabis has so many different aspects and niche communities within it. I'm looking forward to expanding out in to many different uses cases, as I see CannaBuzz as a great way to help people connect with one another and to help them learn.