Find where the movie/tv show you want to watch is streaming

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Probably useful for a lot of people, but too bad it only includes the US Netflix catalogue. I like's approach better, where you select your preferred streaming services (or the ones you have access to) including the different country catalogues. Using services like Overplay for Netflix allows you to access all the Netflix catalogues for a low monthly fee, and I know a lot of people using that service. But kudos for having a "notify when available" feature, that's awesome.
Awesome. I've actually looked for something like this before and really had no luck. I was surprised something like wouldn't include this. Great service glad I know this exists!
Has anyone noticed lately that this seems to be less and less reliable? I've found several discrepancies over the past couple months that have caused me to lose trust in what it reports. This is as of 7/8/2016.