Canister Bot

The Telegram bot to search photographs from social media.

Sometimes you want to check some photos of this place someone traveled recently, sometime you need some inspiration, sometimes you want to check photographs taken by a specific camera. Why not do from a Telegram chat window?

With the Canister bot you can search Instagram, Flickr, Reddit and Tumblr by tags.

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Hi PH, Back in January when I started using Telegram, I started looking into their Bot platform and had a go at building one. 🤖 Since every once in a while I'll search the web for some photos taken with a certain film, camera or lens I thought it could be quite useful to have a bot that would allow me to search photographs from a chat window. 📷 At the moment Canister supports Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr and Flickr and its limited by the what each one of their APIs support, like Instagram only allowing search by a single tag. 🌍 I just built a landing page for it in the last week and decided to share with other people that could find this useful. 💌 Any feedback or questions, just leave a comment or drop me an email. Thanks 👊 João
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Seems your link is broken.
@andrew_cho It is, but can't see to be able to change it. Added an additional one Thanks
@andrew_cho @joaorui the link has been corrected now :)
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@joaorui @amrith thanks! it's pretty cool :)
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nice app @joaoui does it serach tags on on these 4 sites or can you pickup the image descriptions if they're not tagged?
@kensavage Thanks! Just tags at the moment. It's limited by each service API.