An app-suite to help grow conversion rates in e-commerce

CanisHub is a suite of applications that analyses thousands of data points in real-time, to help your customers discover the most relevant product/content.
Our offerings include: product recommendations, onsite personalization, & behavioural messaging

Does it integrate with Shopify?
@projectpupil Yes, it integrates with Shopify, it takes hardly 30-45mins to get started on Shopify.
Hi Everybody, I am the co-founder of CanisHub. We have been working on this product for the last one and half year and has tested the product on more than 10 clients. We'd love to hear everybody's feedback and questions, there's a lot of details in our product that we didn't explain yet. I hope that you will like our vission for the product and would help us achieve it.
This sounds really useful but how do you sign-up without scheduling a demo? Use case: user wants to demo product in the free plan but isn't given a sign-up option.. Analyzing data points driven by automation is cool but please make the user acquisition process easier ;)
@angeloe Your feedback is noted. Improving onboarding experience is very much part of our roadmap.