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I am watching YouTube everyday, but the more I use it, the more it feels like it lacks a lot of features. CandyLists solves that with a good playlist management system, interests based video feeds, subscriptions management, video feed player and much more!
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I started by making this as a side project, I'm a huge fan of YouTube but I've always been amazed by how it tries to drive my media consumption towards things that I don't find really interesting. The more I worked on this project, the more it felt like I should release this someday. I hope I was right. 😳 I hope it will be useful to some of you, if you want more informations about that product feel free to ping me by private message or on Looking forward your feedbacks and bug reports! ------- UPDATE: I received messages concerning the fact that registered users are receiving emails concerning the security of their Google account. This is related to the fact that I'm using Google Auth and my Auth Screen has not yet been approved by Google ( If you have questions concerning security concerns, you can look at the "Privacy Policies" page on the app homepage, or directly PM me through Twitter or Product Hunt. To summarize that, I'm not willing to use any of the data you input inside my app, I just released it so anyone can use it as I do. Security is a big concern for me, but I don't have a hand on Google approval time. ------- UPDATE 2: It seems like you love CandyLists because we've reached the quota applied by Google on the YouTube Data API V3. :-( I'm currently trying to find a workaround (token rotation), and I've also submitted a request for increasing my quota through Google Quota Increasing form request. Thanks for your understanding, I'll keep you all posted about this.
This is a nice idea but the categorization should be automatic
@usfslk Hello Youssef :-) Your feedback is interesting could you elaborate a bit? In which way automatic? Like categorizing your subscriptions in interests automatically? It's quite hard because I have no other data to categorize them than their name, or maybe I'm missing something. Do you have an idea yourself? Thanks a lot for using CandyLists anyway :) Yaël
@tahul I believe every YT channel have a category, like music, entertainment, gaming, travel, ect.. but that's very generic, you could use some machine learning to categorize channels by keywords used, it's not gonna be very accurate but better than doing it manually, I have a thousand subscriptions.. I also see you only display like 10 channels or so per page, that's also something to reconsider if the API limits allow that. I'd say 100 results per page + multi selection is not very hard to implement
I signed up to CandyLists because it looked very promising. The thing is… I thought I am able to set for e.g. "Marketing" and "Business" as interests and CandyLists provides the newest/best videos on youtube. But it's somehow just a grouping of your subscriptions. Or am I wrong here?
@hi_iamben We are not trying to provide you "pre-created" interests, it's effectively a tool to let you organize your subscriptions and create feeds based on that organization. If you read the short explanation of the project on the privacy policies page, I explain that I think that YouTube is missing that feature and it makes my browsing on their platform really hard. :-( I hope you get it now, if you still have questions, don't hesitate to ask!