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Sounds really great ! However the issue I have with your product is, we already have ton of interaction on the corner side, thinking about Intercom and other Help Buttons, and so on. I wish I could just hide it and choose in another way if I want to open it...
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@antoineplu I've been using it a while and this really bugged me till I started using the shortcuts - Alt + C to turn it off & on again (hides the button), and Alt + Z to open & close the side panel (while the button is showing).
@siororke @antoineplu Or just click and drag it up, away from the Chat/Help/Other Service buttons.
@wirddin @siororke @antoineplu Although it would be nice if there was an option to remember the new position.
@antoineplu We're considering various options instead of the current solution, stay tuned, I'm confident you'll like the new version in a couple of week's time.
@attilagajdics Let us know once it's done ✌️
Candy is also available on Slack: Your Candys are now available for your team in Slack you can see it on the Slack App Directory: here
@bentossell Ben, thank you for the comment. It is a core element of our strategy that we want you to be able to make use of all stuff collected and organized with Candy in other apps too.
Just found this while looking for a good tools to annotate the web with. Website has unbelievable production quality to it and a great pitch video. Can't believe I haven't heard of the tool before. Really solid Chrome Extension.
@itsthisjustin Justin, thank you for spotting and listing Candy :) We're really delighted that you found it exciting! We've received tons of valuable feedback and comments here on PH, in our help center, on Twitter and via email, we're considering all comments, there will be further improvements in UI, web and mobile apps are in the works, as well as other great stuff, so I'm confident it's worth keeping and eye on Candy in the coming months too.
@attilagajdics no problem at all! Let me know if you need any help with the mobile apps either with design or development. I'd love to lend a hand.
@itsthisjustin Thank you, we'll do!
Will there be a way to see your candies on the mobile? Native app down the road perhaps?
@abhishekg Definitely! It's in the works already.
I like it. Simple way to collate thoughts around what are often disparate areas. It says it has evernote integration but can't see this anywhere (unless they mean i can export the text and then paste it in there myself). I'm not sure they need the green button in the bottom right at all and it could probably be all done via the app button in the toolbar and on highlight. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses though.
@doivoid can't find the Evernote integration too - and really looking forward to having it.
@doivoid It's in the works, and will be coming soon, we'll correct the info on the site. Thank you for the comment!