Thanks for checking out Candidly! We think everyone's voice should be heard and that it should be easy to challenge the status quo at work. A lot of research shows the "open door policy" just doesn't work, so we made an app where people can have some real-talk. Here are some things we've heard people say they will use Candidly for: * To call out instances of sexism & racism and find out if there's a larger problem * To ask if a project has problems that no one was reporting * To see if others agree with a controversial idea * To find out if management is covering up problems with the company * To get a pulse on how employees are feeling about a specific issue * To recognize coworkers/teams who are challenging the status quo * To ask tough questions to company leadership Candidly is a safe place. Identity is 100% protected (even from us), and any inappropriate posts/comments can be taken down immediately (+reviewed by a human within a day). Please give it a try and let us know what you think!
@nowimkrishan Super excited for this! Loved the BETA!