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Hey @andystarcia - there have been lots of new variations of apps to meet new people. What was your angle with Candidate and why did you decide that this needed to be built?
@bentossell - hey, nice question. We all know many of those superficial dating apps. It’s always the same, you decide on the basis of pictures if you like to meet other people without knowing anything about their personalities. So we thought it should be possible to get to know people’s attitudes without any influence of their outward appearance. That’s how the idea of Candidate’s anonymous question-answer-game was born. After some prototype tests we observed, that our testers were rather willing to chat and communicate with each other after being matched by our game. Following Alpha Test delivered similar results and the feedback of our testers was really nice. So we just had to bring this startup online.
@andystarcia @bentossell What's the core "why" for people to use this? Dating? Friends? Network? Something else? We learned the hard & expensive way that (the vast majority) of people don't "connect" for no reason (but tech entrepreneurs do), and pivoted our whole product based on that:
@drewmeyers @bentossell first of all, we want to give our community the possibility to get to know new people. Primarily our app aims at dating. But the app could be used for different reasons. Like for example to find people with common interests or to engage in exciting communications. To answer your question "why should user use our app?". Our app focuses more on the opinions of the people. We don't want to flood our community with pictures. Instead they should get to know each other in a more fun and meaningful way.
@andystarcia "But the app could be used for different reasons." Right, that's true. At scale. But if you don't get it to scale (or prior to getting there), most people likely won't have the faintest idea of what to do with it. I strongly urge you to think deeply about that same core question of why (are people connecting), and focus all your product efforts on addressing it.