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#5 Product of the WeekMay 10, 2016

Canary Mail is the mail app you need, security and features in one, wrapped up and delivered to you! There is a lot more you can do with it - everything is systematized, organized and with an easy User Experience!

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Hi PH, we're excited to be here again! Special thanks to Kate & Ben, for being very responsive and helpful! Canary is an exciting new email client for Mac that offers a full set of powerful features with one key difference - your emails are not stored on a 3rd party server. Every facet of Canary has been designed in accordance with our core philosophy of ensuring complete user privacy and offering reliable & snappy performance. Unlike other apps/services, using Canary is not contingent on providing access to your data. Over the last couple of months, we’ve worked closely with our amazing group of beta testers to continuously refine & enhance performance and UX to ensure that Canary is a joy to use. For a limited time, Product Hunt users can download and try the beta right away via our website! Website : Twitter : Slack (feedback / support - Tweet for an invite) : Features: -Read Tracking -Snooze -Unified Inbox -Gmail Labels & Filters -Attachments Browser -Quick Reply -Powerful Search (that also works offline) -Universal IMAP Support (including Exchange EWS/OWA) P.S. - Canary for iOS is in the pipeline, launch date & signup details will be announced on Twitter shortly.
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@sohelsanghani Is it supporting filter the unread email only ? When I try the beta version before and that function is not included.
@saturngod Yes, it does now!
@sohelsanghani A quick question, why do when I click archive some mails get archived and some don't ? Maybe because I have over 250+ archived emails or ?
@novica93 Hi Nikola, please send us your email (Twitter DM?), so that we can invite and debug via Slack
@sohelsanghani Is scheduling on the road map?
Wowowow. Awesome work, you guys. Was just pulling out my hair a few days ago over the sad state of desktop mail clients, and voila, here you are. As for desktop clients, there are barely any contenders, and even among the best there are too many compromises. In my opinion, Canary nails most of what I want, and it does so with with panache. On a related note, I think it's silly that so many of the new mail app developers keep B-lining for mobile. Yes, everything is going mobile, but the mobile mail space is already super crowded, and the existing solutions are just fine. Apple's Mail app for iPhone isn't amazing, but it gets the job done, whereas Apple's Mail app for desktop is a buggy monstrosity. If you accept that mobile and desktop will probably merge at some point in the not-too-distant future, it makes sense to penetrate the market from the other angle (desktop), where the competition is small-time at best. Anyway, great job again, @sohelsanghani and team. Just made this my default mail client. P.S. The one thing Canary needs is an undo send feature. Super croosh.
@benbelser "Canary nails most of what (you) want, and it does so with with panache" makes for a great tagline 🙃 Glad to have you onboard, Ben! And yes, we're working on undo send.
@sohelsanghani Re. undo send: Woohoo! Glad to hear it. As for the tagline, you're very welcome. Keep up the good work!
Great job! I was using Polymail but the bugs added up and became too much of an issue for me. This mail app has been great for me --- no bugs so far, great interface, super fast and all the features I need. Well done!
It is really a wonderful email client. Very fast, responsive and with tracking, auto-theme, attachement view etc. it has some great features. Can't wait to beta test the iOS version!
iOS just announced. About 250 free spots left. If you join via my link I'll get ahead in the queue 😉 @jonas_petermann
@imrat I'm already #2 😉💪🏼
I'm a big, big fan of Canary Mail but I'm a bit confused as to what it is doing on the featured page of PH. I'm happily running the lastest beta-version 0.6 (123). Is that the official release? And what the heck does '2.0' mean? Has there been a version 1.0 that I have missed completely?
@t55 Hi Ton, we're still in beta! But since the app has been redesigned with a lot of new features since we were first featured on PH in Feb, this post is titled 2.0 (123 is the correct, latest version) 😊
@sohelsanghani @t55 Now it makes sense! Looking for it right now.
@sohelsanghani Awwwright. That explains the 2.0. Just wondering what'll happen when Canary Mail 0.6 will turn 1.0. A whole lot of Googling I suspect :-)) Version numbers aside I'm looking forward to the Slack'd daily new features extravaganza of Canary Mail for iOS :)