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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 09, 2016
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Canary Mail is a stunning new email client for Mac with powerful features.. -Read tracking -Universal IMAP support -Snooze -Gmail labels & filters such as social/promo etc -Attachments browser -Instant search (even when offline) ..seamlessly integrated into a clean, intuitive UI that is incredibly snappy to use. Beta testers say that Canary syncs instantly and reliably, is a joy to use, and is the best email client for Mac - but maybe you'd like to verify this yourself by downloading the free OS X beta now at ! Follow us on Twitter ( for iOS and other updates.
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@sohelsanghani yes, please. just signed up for beta.
@sohelsanghani Yeah! I love to try new email apps!
@sohelsanghani Looks great! Can't wait to give it a try 👍
@oscaralaniz Makes sense - despite all the new chat apps, we think email is still the most important business tool!
I can't, for the life of me, stick to using a native email app. It's just so easy to fire up a Chrome tab and open gmail (since Chrome's basically open 24/7 anyway). For some reason, I **want** to be a native app user, but I just always find myself back in Chrome. Can someone chime in and tell me the main benefits of a native app over just jumping into Gmail in your browser? Curious how others are using this and if there's something I'm missing.
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@chrisgscott I have the same issue but I keep trying because I like the idea of a native app. The trouble is that I use things like MixMax that do so much and are Gmail in Chrome only.
@chrisgscott for folks who are using legacy email servers like Exchange or need a better offline capability, native is pretty compelling. I agree that the Gmail web-based experience is pretty hard to beat for web-based email.
@chrisgscott I really wanted an answer to this. I too inexplicably "want" to go native but have no idea why.
@benjaminefox yeah, same situation here. I need something to tame the beast and I love the idea of a nice, clean native app. I just can't get any of them to "stick".
@shlomofellig it's so funny how we have this unexplainable desire to find a native app. Always searching for something better, I guess.
Slightly annoying that I can't try out a product on Product Hunt..
@danielkempe Bear with us Daniel, we're working hard to get the beta out asap!
On behalf of the Airmail team, welcome aboard Canary!
@zaccoffman Thanks! Love your app, good to see you guys making waves on iOS as well :)
@sohelsanghani Thank you, we did appreciate the shout out on Twitter the other day -- been a little busy so not sure if anyone was able to reply on there with a thank you.
Not very keen on the side navigation icons, typography looks very heavy as well.
@jagomagi Would be great if you could share detailed feedback once you've had a look at the beta: info at canarymail. io