Canary Flex

Versatile indoor/outdoor security device

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I’m excited to share some big news from Canary. Today we’re announcing Canary Flex: the first and only indoor and outdoor, weatherproof, HD security camera that can be used wire-free or plugged in. We built Canary Flex to extend our ecosystem, adapt to any environment, and withstand the toughest elements. Designed from the ground up, Canary Flex features an extended-life rechargeable battery and a weatherproof magnetic plug so you can use it however you want. The magnetic 360° swivel base enables camera articulation and precise positioning to monitor from any angle. Use it upright or mount it easily and discreetly on a wall. Starting today, you can pre-order Canary Flex from
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@iamtimhoover Will the Canary Flex be HomeKit compatible? I thought that Canary had announced that you were working towards that integration. Thx.
@iamtimhoover Nice one. From form factor perspective there there seems to be a desire from consumers to have a security camera that looks as such, what consumer insights did you draw from when redesigning the camera?
@tmninja Canary Flex won’t be HomeKit compatible at launch. We’ll be saying more about Canary Plus and HomeKit integration in the future.
@kingsleyharris Our original Canary was designed to sit on a flat surface in a central area of a home. Over the past year we learned a lot from where and how people used the original Canary. People hacked their own mounts, covers, and even cellular connections. With Canary Flex, we extended our design language to craft a much smaller form factor that works with accessories to support many more use cases. Security has common themes, but everyone's definition is different. Their homes, families, and pets are unique. Our goal was to design a camera that could cover a home from every angle.
@iamtimhoover Any subscription costs?
As a huge fan of the first Canary, this is amazing! I love this thing so much and saw it in IRL already - the industrial design is next level. This takes the company far beyond the competitors, just because they really thought of everything.
@ow Thanks Owen!
Nice! Looks pretty nice too :) How does this compare to something like Nest with their security cameras?
@bentossell Hi Ben, At our core, we believe in delivering security, and so we’ve designed Canary Flex to add to our ecosystem as a response to how people used our original Canary device. Everyone’s homes are different and Canary Flex adds a versatility that we believe is unmatched by other cameras on the market. Here’s how we stack up. --Nest Outdoor Cam has to be plugged in at all times. Canary Flex has an extended life rechargeable battery so you can use it plugged in or wire-free. --Nest makes you pay extra to watch more than three hours of video history, or to recognize people. Canary gives you 24 hours for free, along with unlimited downloads, and our computer vision works for everyone, for free. --Nest streams 24/7, which can hog bandwidth and requires scrolling through footage to find out what happened. Canary records when there is motion to identify meaningful information and sends you intelligent notifications. --We’re better looking :)
@iamtimhoover awesome, thanks :) haha, love the confidence.
@iamtimhoover I liked the Flex's design. I am using Logi Circle Cam now and overall happy with it. I am looking for the few camera for my new home. I am not sure how do you compare it with Logi cam as most of the cons you told above regards to next doesn't apply to Logi circle as it offeres all of them and cost much less than flex also.
@iamtimhoover It's true, Canary is a gorgeous device. Love what you're doing with the membership and plan changes as well!
What's the battery life?
@grantkmartin With average activity and video recording, expected battery life is 2 months between charges.
What a cute archipelago of innocuous recon bots to help build my panopticon. Srsly, looks better than @dropcam. @canary @iamtimhoover