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@wlucasbnt1 I like an idea of the app and service overall. Was using iOS version, and found some small questions and bugs: 1. Why do you ask for location service Always, even when the app is not active? 2. If I press to Sign Up with Facebook and then I press Cancel when it asks to go to Facebook app, loading blurred view never disappears, had to relaunch the app. 3. I've signed up with Facebook, then I've unconnected it in Settings, however Facebook button stayed on my profile page. Pressing it, app presents Facebook login and no way to exit that screen. 4. Somehow login with facebook switches to facebook app twice, instead of one time to ask for permissions or to refresh token 5. Settings page for profile, looks weird to me. It has four lines: facebook_*myid*, modify, Log Out and Delete my account. It can be better stated that I am modifying password. However, it took me a while to figure out how to add something to 'My Information' section on profile page through 'Edit Your Profile' button. And that page doesn't scroll all the way to the bottom, until keyboard is presented. 6. Settings for push notifications are empty. 7. I agree with @bentossell that you should allow users to sync there social accounts and utilize that connection into data and graphics, etc. 8. What is the difference between Flush Cache and Delete app cache? 9a. Finally I thought that the app would work both ways, from influencers to brands and from brands to influencers. I think brands want to request to promote their products oftener than influencers can advise their page for promotion, because how would they know who needs a promotion? Maybe I didn't get it right, but that's what I figured from 'Create' page. 9b. Later I went to my laptop, and figured that campaign can be started only through the website. Good luck with the service. I will be trying it more in a few coming days, to see how I could use it to promote my applications through influencers, so I'll post more comments and suggestions.
@illya_bakurov @bentossell 1. This is to send targeted notifications. For example some brands might be interested to target influencers currently in Paris. You can easily disable this in the settings and this will not affect the App. 2-3-4. Sorry for that - I'll investigate. Thanks for pointing that :) 5. Indeed, something's going wrong there - I'll investigate further 6. This is the history of the previous push notifications - so you can easily find back targeted campaigns 7. We're thinking about it but many social media policies are limiting what we could do 8. One flush the cache, the other force update of the App 9. Website isn't 100% up to date yet - I just emailed you our brand guide :) You start your campaign through a Typeform and after we approve it, we'll push it to the App. Our next step is to significantly improve brand flow, although it's already quite simple (to my opinion!): • Start your campaign through a Typeform • We approve & push the campaign to the App • You receive a weekly recap of influencers post through our custom-made Typeform and you can Approve, Reject or Provide feedback to influencers directly through the form - if you approve posts, you'll be charged at the end of the form Happy to send you links so you can test it out! We wanted to be different from some other influencer marketing agencies that charge you upfront, without you knowing what you will get. With us, you're always in control and you decide which posts & influencers you like. What do you think about that? :) Hope it's clearer now and thanks a lot for your feedback, we really appreciate :) Lucas
@lucasbnt1 Thank you for your comments. Yes, I am starting to see how it works now. Filling out typeform right now. That is good that there is no upfront fee, because indeed you never know what you get. Will be glad to keep working further with you :)
@lucasbnt1 One more thing with typeform: for Moodboard I couldn't upload multiple pictures, which could be a better experience.
@illya_bakurov Thanks for the feedback!
Hi Product Hunt! Today we released our App and we'd like to get your feedback! Canard Influencers is an App connecting brands to micro-influencers. We'd like to turn every micro-influencers into superstars! At Canard, we believe that size matters and that activating micro-influencers is more effective than activating traditional influencers. The reason? 92% of us trust recommendations from people we know. Micro-influencers are closer to their audience and this is typically why they have higher engagement and higher impact on brand campaigns. Since we started, less than a year ago, in a classroom of the University of Cambridge, lot changed. We have now started multiple brand campaigns, have thousands of influencers and we just shipped our first complete App! We would be very happy to have some feedback both on the product & on the App. Feel free to watch our videos to understand how it works for: Influencers:
Thanks :) Lucas & team
@lucasbnt1 nice idea... how long has this been in the making? Do you guys know @SteveBartlettSC and what he is doing with The Social Chain? May be a good person to connect with OR may be competition ;) Signing up! Will you have 'matchmakers' who will scour the site for appropriate brand > influencer matches or are you requiring influencers to keep checking the app? FYI when editing your profile, the screen doesnt move to allow for the keyboard so I cant see what fields I'm filing in or what Im saying. I exited that and then went to edit again and it worked. so some weird bug there. Also, number of reach would be good if you could actually link your social platforms instead of just typing in your handles + reach manually. Could help pulling in a profile picture too When searching campaigns it would be good to be able to filter by platform - I wouldnt look at at Pinterest for example. Also I'd consider adding how much you get paid for each one.... offer the value before asking someone to do something
@bentossell Thank you for sharing! :) • Influencers receive a push notification when a new campaign is live - also, if the brand decide to target an influencer segment, for example "Influencers based in France" we'll only send notifications to targeted influencers • Thank you for pointing that out, we'll fix that ASAP :) • This is also in the making for a later update! It's tricky as all social network have very different policies when it comes to connecting accounts and capturing information Thanks for your feedback :)
Lucas, what is the pricing model for brands?
@alexmalureanu Hi Alex, it's free for brands to start a campaign. We then send you a weekly brief with influencers who submitted content to join your campaign and you only pay for what you like. You can start your campaign on and I can send you our sales deck if you'd like :)
Such a good idea! Very easy to use and nice design.
@zazard Thank you :)
Can I find micro influencers and advertise my brand through this app? Or just sign up and become a micro influencer? I would love to find help promoting my brand.
@liquidchickenqq Hi, thank you! You can start a campaign on I can send you our sales deck on your email if you'd like :) It's 100% free to start a campaign and you only pay for posts you like :)